Maxell USB Retractor 2GB Review

I just posted the article Maxell USB Retractor 2GB Review.

Maxell send us their USB Retractor 2GB USB 2 flash drive for review. Read all about it…

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I have just bought a 1gb usb2.0 retractor flash drive i have loaded aprox 9gb of photo’s on to it,when i try to load more i get a message saying "cannot copy photo:the directory or file cannot be created"can you please help me rectify this problem Regards,jomikev

kannst du mir das programm schicken? bitte :wink:

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Where can i find the program ?

Hey kann mir jemand das programm schicken? msn icq 325508597 oder die angegebene email… Hatte das programm auf meinem Maxell drauf hab den formatiert und das war weg… und finds nciht mehr

How do I get started with this. This is not like my other flash drives. Not sure which of the three options to go for daughter put it on her computer first so have no instructions.

Wow where can i download that from? it looks like a really interesting administration tool

How do you remove istar? reply please ! :slight_smile: