Maxell unveils ultra-reliable DVD-R media for medical market



I just posted the article Maxell unveils ultra-reliable DVD-R media for medical market.

 February 14, 2005 01:17 PM US  Eastern Timezone  Maxell Unveils New Ultra-Reliable DVD-R Media for 

Medical Market; New DVD Media for Imaging, Compliance and Archival Applications…

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700MB? Seems like CD-R, not DVD-R.


Heh good eye! I bet they made a mistake. Because there is probably no way a 700meg disc could hold so many x-rays in “high resolution”


Sounds like all they did was basically use multi-layers…thus you only get 700MB. If you take a standard DVD at 4GB and split it into multi layers (repeat sectors) in theory it is more robust.


Sorry Maxell, but I believe the whole Ultra Durable thing has allready been done by “TDK” with there Armor plated DVD-R’s. This doesn’t seem a big feat to me since a company has allready made its discs Ultra Durable. I have 10 TDK Armor plated DVD-R’s and they are great, I had a bad experince with maxell bought 100 cd-rs from them last year, they were crap hardly worked in anything after a few days some of them just didn’t work.


What! You mean that all the dvd media that has been on sale so far is not durable? Why don’t these manufacturers create something that meets all the basic requirements (longevity being a very important one and one that should be decided by the user and not the shortcomings of the media) at the outset and enhance the product in other ways. Ultra-reliability should be what I am buying now, not something I should expect in a medical environment only. What kind of people do manufacturers take us for anyway?


Verbatim already offers a special high-grade medical-use DVD-R. Look on their website. But, um, wouldn’t the quality of the writer matter just as much, if not more?


hmm they say cost effective yeah and i can c em dropping the medical bill for the 10 x rays u would probably need after a auto accident please …


Maxell is CRAP! I would avoid maxell DVD media like plague - They used RICOHJPN in the past but now those arrogant ***** outsource to cheap, poor quality standards…the use a very poor version of RITEK, not even CMC, but RICRAP - Maxell DVDs are very unreliable, I don’t trust Maxell anymore - if you want DURABLE, high quality DVD media use VERBATIM or FUJIFILM, but stay away from MAXELL CRAP.