Maxell TYG03



My favourite media-shop now has Maxell 16x DVD-R with TYG03 media code.

I wrote an email to them and they confirmed that they are made in japan and from TY manufact…

The price is much lower than it should be…

The TY I normally order from this shop are defitinive original, so I trust this shop.

Has anyone already ordered some Maxell TYG03?


Very strange since Maxell TY never seen after 4x media ,and “made in” not found in spindles even for MXL RG04 media :confused:
-The only info found about them is in German :

Translation :

BTW are you sure about answer from eshop mentioned above ?
-I found some info of products not valid with the photos (as I know),also price is cheap for TY media as you already wrote :confused:


The wrote me that in their answer-mail.


I think TY is dumping prices on their 16x media these days. The Verbatim TY are pretty cheap and now i see printable TY going down in price. I wouldn’t wonder if Maxell would go a little under Verbatim in price. TY still keeps price up on 8x media though :slight_smile:


I don’t think it’s all about TY pricing policy,because 60% of TY production is still for Japan and Korea market,and branded-retail TY media is always hard to find (most in Europe) :sad:

-Quality of unbranded TY media,as I found here,is always questionable,because depends on what the dealer want,about order cost each time.-That usually not happened in retail media,because each brand want spesific reputation in quality and in pricing standards.

There is an possibility,Maxell TY mentioned in eshop,to be real,but were from a temporary production for some reason,so price must following Maxell’s generally policy for retail media (sold in Europe this period which are made in Taiwan by various mfc.)


Maxell 16x TYG03 is available here in Norway as well, and cheaper than unbranded TY.


Did you already test some of them?

I just ordered 2x 50…I’m excited how they perform.


Package of TY Maxell 50 discs don’t look as TY’s classic cake box.


Is it the gray bottom cakebox known from Panasonic 25 16x DVD-R packs and Fuji 25 8x DVD+R packs?


since no Maxell TY here,I just look picture from first post,and answer is NO.



My Panasonic 25 packs have the gray bottom as well as Sony MIJ 8X +R T02 , while fake MIHK Sony (here in Egypt) have TY style cakebox :bigsmile:


I haven’t tried them yet, and I’ve only seen printables. Here’s the pic from the webshop, I don’t know if it’s of the actual cakebox or not.

Edit: Actually, I just noticed that the Maxells are more expensive now than the unbranded TYG03’s they sell. The Maxell TYG03s cost about €32 for 25, while the unbranded ones cost €25. Cheap eh? :rolleyes:


I tried some Maxell printables with TYG03 mid several weeks ago, and gave some warnings in german forums. There are good reasons for the low price, you should be prepared for a big disapointment. But maybe you are lucky (I don’t believe).
People are still blinded by the name of Taiyo Yuden, but how long. The qualitity of their 16x media is often questionable.


At svp they sell TY/TYG03 printable at normal price but “unbranded” (same disc - [B]box looks similar to the Maxell[/B]) 1/3 cheaper. No matter what speed i burn them with they play back well. I choose to burn them at 6x mostly since jitter/qs are finer there. I’d say a very good disc regardless. You will probably get PIF max at 4 or 5 when burned at higher speed but i see no readback problems.
Still, as i said above TY keep the price for 8x discs but lower the 16x disc price. Could be market, could be quality?? :slight_smile:


I think we did read in the same german forum…
Well, actually nobody can be sure what’s inside the box, saw let’s wait a week and I will post my first scans as soon as possible…

Besides, I just received a mail form maxell, in which they wrote me that says (in my own words: “we have very good media - point” :rolleyes:


I have just received two packs - the picture in the shop is wrong it is a box with grey bottom.

Media are TYG03 … Batchcode GH000142

The scan looks ok but not great (just as good as verbatim DVD-R) - but for 22 cents per disc very good.


genuine TY


Jep - just received them too! Same Batchcode!! :cool:

I’m doing some burns atm and will release the scans in the evening!


well that’s just evil! fake Made In Hong Kong Sony with copy-cat TY style cakebox! :a


My scans are released here: