Maxell TY CD-rs

Just checking something, there was never any fake TY CD-r’s was there?? i ask as i bought a pack of 10 Maxell Colour CD-R 80XL x48, the look identical to the ones sold on this site only difference is they never had a cardboard cover/sleeve was just shrink rapped. 5 different colours red,yellow,green,blue and purple.

Frosted hub?


Kprobe also identify’s them as Taiyo Yuden Company Limited

Should be genuine :slight_smile: .

Thanks for the heads-up.
If it is not old stock, I will hopefully see some of those coming to Germany too.
I’ll watch the shelves with Maxell media on it more carefully now.

Nice! I think they’re genuine, too. Maxell have been guilty of using crap manufacturers for some of their media, but I haven’t known them to fake anything yet :wink:

Only reason i asked is because they came shrink rapped and not in a cardboard like sleeve. On the underside on the ring just after the frosted centre they have a number 80 PG1952 my pastel tys also have this accept its 80 PG1185 and some extre protection surface tys have 80 PG7426

They are genuine… :slight_smile:

Yeah, I must admit the mention of shrinkwrap did worry me a bit when I saw it, hehe. :slight_smile:

Well i say shrink rap, basicly it was like the plastic raping you get around single jewel case media… like the ver dl’s for example. only bigger to cover ten discs. Anyways once i burn something on one i will post a scan in the test section.

Like said by other folks the maxells are genuine.
Fake TY CD-r’s do exist however. Also stamper abuse has happened in the past.

Yeah, those are definitely genuine TY.

They used to be available at Argos down here not too long ago.

K thanks peoples. I guessed originally they was real i only want to double check because the packaging was different to the picture i had seen.

A disturbing report about Maxell:

If that is true, MIJ Maxell may be a thing of the past (even rebadged TY!).

Ritek is considered the front runner to receive more ODM orders from the Japan-based company as Ritek focuses on the Europe market and has already joined Veeza.


Well, we can always hope it isn’t true :smiley:

I guess as thats a fairly new article anyone that use’s mij maxell better stock up.

Yeah…sadly, the place I get my usual supplies (Asda) have cleared their shelves of MIJ, and gone to shrinkwrapped, slim-cased, MIT :sad:

My ASDA has removed them. Managed to find some 4x +R Yuden T01 Maxell’s today in Curry’s - 3 packs left, but I only got one!!!