Maxell to stop production of Optical Media

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Maxell has announced that it will end its production of all optical media including CD-R/RW, DVD, Blu-ray and HD DVD discs at the end of March. Some may know Maxell for its 12x DVD-RAM…

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This was bad news. Maxell allways made verry high quality media. At least most people said so. To bad, I guess the marked forced them out. Now that media is cheap and verry good, there is no profit margin left for them. No blueray either :frowning: Thats to bad they could have set the standard for quality in this format :confused:

Now that media is cheap and very good? 99% of the DVD+R/DVD-R media on the market is garbage. Customers have to go out of their way to get reliable DVD media…

Maxell was always bloody garbage anyways - even the maxell’s own dye it had very high error rates - Now Maxell is going to use likely RITEK or other CRAP - at any rate Maxell was always crap in my books for the last 3 years at least - their ARROGANT tech support to boot - They shuold stop selling media altogether and spare the world of toxic landfill material :smiley:

Maxell had a very good dye. Look at the Mori discs. I would say that Maxell produced some of the best discs available on the market. So its really bad news for them to quit.

Maxell is garbage - I used them for years and even their own media code had tons of errors and degraded rapidly - the best discs right now on the market are the taiyo yudens and verbatims the rest is pure bloody garbage - Years ago the Maxell RITEK and RICOHJPNs were excellent but ever since 2005 everything has gone down hill you bloody arse bandits!

Maxell made excellent discs - as good as Taiyo Yuden. I’m saddened to hear that they’re ceasing production of media. It’s a shame that their media wasn’t as widely available as Taiyo Yuden media.

It used to be when it was MIJ. With MIT landfill taking over the shelves ppl quit buying it. :c

Being only three years using Media(I mean hundreds of it and daily Mostly DVD part CD) Every Disc I’ve done has been edited for quality. I’ve found: That many of “Techy” types of individuals blame their poor burning ability and/or equipment on just about every Media out there. Without editing your work you’ll never know if it is : Your Media, Software, Hardware, or God Forbid You SucK at what You’re doing. Have a Good One!

“Every Disc I’ve done has been edited for quality.” What the heck does that mean???

Its apity… :frowning: