Maxell "SQ" Ritek CD-R

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Here they are. As already said, there seems to be nothing wrong with the scans.

In order to see if the drives report false-negative results, Read Test under ScanDisc is needed for comparison. Another way is to extract the tracks and compare them with the original wav files or those extracted from the pressed CD.

Probably the reflectivity of the media that screws arround here incombination with the poor reading of the car cd-player.


I think so. Also, the CDC seems to get old :wink:

@muchin: Read test is fine on computer drives.


Then it is unfair to blame the media. Also, phthalocyanine discs are less compatible with some earlier CD players.

This is a more important statement than most realize. (as far as posts reveal)I have written audio on phthalocyanine discs (Memorex) and found that they went completely undetected in many older drives. Also they skipped in car players regardless of the speed at which they were written. Maybe "Mam " (mitsui) discs are different but when I want a really reliable disc (to gauranty a read on the widest variety of players) I always use metalized Cyanine. Perhaps this is \one of the reasons (if not the main one) that higher priced Maxell “Pros” are cyanine dye based. They might not last as long in aging tests but as far as a few years goes they seem much better at retaining their initial quality. I want to try the MAM discs to see if they are better, and worth the money,( they cost a lot more so they should be)! Anybody out there have any experience with MAM discs?

Yes, Maxell Pro is Taiyo Yuden. The first company to make the CD-R sure does know how to make them compatible :slight_smile:
The only thing I don’t like about TY is that the holes in their discs are smaller than the holes in other manufacturers’ discs. Sometimes my jewel or slim cases don’t like the TYs.

MAM isn’t that nice anymore, it used to be better, at least this seems to be the common consensus here. I haven’t seen any Mitsui or MAM media for years, so I can’t really tell you more about that.

Have you tried Verbatim Super Azo, or Fornet or Gigastorage (I heard that both also use Azo, but I haven’t seen one of those for a long time now), just out of curiosity?
Memorex mostly uses B-grade media. I think your CD-R were either CMC (should be ok), Prodisc (should be ok) or Ritek (should actually be good for CD-R, but their DVD are awful)…

Hmm my experience is that the most compatible media are Verbatim old metal Azo cd-r’s and the old MITsui silvers.
In some cases poor drives could read the mitsui and no other cd-r’s. In some cases poor drives could read the verbatims and nothing else.
TY’s cyanine has performed nothing special just performed as most other cyanine or pthalocyanine disc’s that I have.