Maxell Sees Blank CD-R Price Increase

I just posted the article Maxell Sees Blank CD-R Price Increase.

Da_Taxman used our newssubmit to tell us that some time ago we reported that cdr prices will increase. well here’s the first news about it. Thanx to Da_Taxman

Maxell Corporation of America…

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I dont use maxwell cdrs anyway…

Why do I get the feeling that the CD-R industry tries artifically inflate the prices. Competition brought the prices down, but now they wan’t peel more cream from the top?

Maxell CDRs were a total crap when I used them a year ago. Their reflectiveness were weak (for a branded make) and did not work on the PSX backups - meaning they were of poor quality. So I don’t believe he can even say this: "I see no evidence that bringing media prices into line with reality is hurting demand. Also, the reduction in the number of suppliers in the category through manufacturer consolidation means retailers can offer stronger branded solutions to end users,’’ Patrican concluded. " This doesn’t stop unbranded ones being made and being brought for cheaper prices that branded ones.

For me, as long as TDK and Philips don’t rise it is good :slight_smile: