Maxell Ritek vs. CMC version?

Just did some shopping at Office depot as they have [till tomorrow, March 24] Maxell 100pk 16x DVD+R for just $22.99. There are two different versions of the same sku on the shelf, one made by CMC and the other by Ritek… so which one to buy??

I first noticed a slight difference in packaging, one had closed cell foam spacers under the cake box dome, the other had no spacers at all [thicker discs??]. Both had the same cake box bases [no hole in bottom], same UPC codes labeled “made in Taiwan”, and the shrink labels were identical with one tiny easy to miss exception… a suffix after the part number. One is PN:051258/RT and the other PN:051258/CMC. Not much mystery as to who made which discs.

Sooo… Which would you buy, CMC or Ritek? I don’t have the exact media codes as that would take buying both and opening them up. Another choice would be Sony +R 100 packs at both Staples and Best Buy for $24.99. I saw nearly identical packaging variations in the Sony packs at Office Depot, and have seen threads with people preferring Sony’s typically found at one store vs. another.

CMC would be CMC MAG M01, Ritek could be RICOHJPN R03 or any of the zoo of the Ritek 16x media codes…
CMC MAG M01 can be anything from good to awful, I’m not sure how well Ritek performs…

If the Sony are Made in Japan then I would definitely get these, but weren’t 100 packs always MIT?

If the Ritek ones are RICOHJPN R03, they perform OK on my drives at 8-12x. CMC MAG. M01, I often have to lower to 8x to get a good burn.

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s any way of telling which Ritek MID you’ll get, though.

I would choose the Ritek or Ricoh MID if I was forced. CMC MAG. M01 varies wildly, and buying a 100 pack of bad ones would be a nightmare :frowning:

Also, you haven’t mentioned the burner you’ll be using :slight_smile:

Points in order:

The Sony [100] packs I’ve seen are labeled Taiwan. They appear to come in two versions packaging wise [spacers/ no spacers] but their labels are 100% the same with no easy tip off to what’s inside. The OD shelves were bare of the Sony 50 packs so no way to tell what they had.

The drive I’m using is an NEC ND-6650A [in a Dell 9300 laptop], supposedly the best available [a year ago at least] in a slim line drive. Max burn speed is 8X, but I’ve been burning at 4x to keep the heat and vibration down. It burns CD’s at 24x no problem. With ok media DVD’s burned at 8x can be a little glitchy, at 6x or 4x usually fine. The actual write time difference between 4x & 8x is only about 3 or 4 minutes for a full disc which is not an issue for me. I make myself walk away from the compy while burning so a longer “forced” break is a good thing.

I would go with the Riteks. CMC M01 can be good but can vary a great deal. Only concern would be if you get one of the newer Ritek media codes and your burner’s firmware doesn’t end up with a write strategy for it.

Grabbed a spindle of the Maxells marked “RT” and here’s what DVD Identifier says:


Manufacturer: [Ricoh Co. Ltd]
Media Type ID: [R03]
Revision [004]

Guess that was a good buy for $23…

There’s no guesswork with MIT Sony. If it’s MIT then it’s Daxon-made with Sony MIDs. This applies to 25, 50, and 100-packs.

The only time you get to speculate with Sony is when it’s MIJ. Then it can be either Sony-made or Taiyo Yuden-made, depending on the speed, spindle size, and the shape of the foam spacer.

As for the Maxells, definitely avoid the CMC MAG M01s unless you have a BenQ 164x or 165x. Only classic BenQs seem to be able to burn them decently.

I’m glad you got what you wanted, but I probably wouldn’t have taken the chance at all. Ritek’s stuff tends to burn more cleanly for me on my Pioneer, but CMC has never left me wondering where the heck my data went.

CMC + Pioneer was not a very good combo anyway :frowning:

I don’t want to spoil the party but are we all saying here that CMC M01 or whatever varies alot in quality based on our home scanning devices? Or because some CMC discs don’t work in real world situations and others do?

I call TDK media + or - crap because it has skipped and caused playback problems in multiple standalone players. I don’t just say it varies wildly because there’s 4000 total PIF one disc, which doesn’t play properly and another with only 800 total works fine. No I base it on the fact that all the discs no matter what the scanning results are, fail to play flawlessly.

Are you guys saying it varies plenty because some discs work and others don’t or because of what the ever so reliable liteon/benq is telling? I wouldn’t really care if a disc spits out a result with 2000 PIF total and then another with less than 500 if they both work flawlessly and don’t degrade.

Anyways, back to the original topic, I would probably get both and test out which discs work the best. That’s probably the best way to know 100% for yourself which ones work best for you :slight_smile: And if they are both fine, then you have plenty of good discs. Also, don’t be too critical of PI/PIF errors. They are not 100% reliable for determining if a disc is going to work without hitches.

My BenQ 1640 absolutely HATES HP branded M01, easily the worst discs I’ve ever tried in it, solidburn or not, WOPC on or off, didn’t matter. Not 1 of them (from 2 different batches) scanned without POFs at 4x or higher speed. And I haven’t found a player yet that is able to play them without trouble, not even Liteys.

I’m not a CMC basher, but M01? Never again.

End og rant.

Well, HP branded M01 was not awful but worse than its predecessor E01 in my LG, and I haven’t even bothered to try in my LiteOn or Samsung.
I have also heard from a lot of other users that support for CMC MAG M01 is still bad.

[B]cd pirate[/B]: I’m not interested in getting media with 2000 PIF total if I can get the media with 500 PIF total (both performing flawlessly and no degradation issues) for the same price, you see? :slight_smile:

Support in some burners could be better, but the issue is consistency, just as has been pointed out a hundred times before. And we’re not talking 500 PIF in one disc and 2000 in another, that would be perfectly tolerable. The fluctuation with M01 is far worse, within the same batch I have some discs burn with under 1k total PIF and the next disc might burn with 300k PIF. Yes, 300k as in 300,000 PIF. They actually have decent PIE and jitter levels and the discs are still readable since the PIFs are evenly spread, but the scans are horrible. Benq or anything else, it’s the media and not the burner. The decent M01 burns fine in most of my burners, so it’s not as if they’re limited to only a few burners. I’m a fan of CMC media and while M01 does often burn fine, they have major consistency shifts even within many batches. CMC really screwed up with M01, if the consistency issue didn’t exist they’d be good discs.

I have had the misfortune to purchase CMC M01 discs from TDK, Maxell and HP. The sickening coloured yellow HP 25 pc. Cake Boxes are the worst media I’ve ever encountered. Period.

not sure.
I have burned quite some CMC disc’s nicely on my Pioneer 106D.

I’ve tried Philips and HP branded M01, both have been utter garbage.

For the most part, they play fine in my standalone, TRT is okay more often than not. But 16x, CMC? Forget it. In nearly every instance regardless of burner, the speed will drop midway, often to 4x and slower. Any burn (rare) that completes at 16x is bound for the garbage-- just too ugly of a scan to put any trust in.

I normally burn at 8x, which is still a chore because I end up with 2-3k PIF at best. Which burner to use is a complete tossup, one will burn okay once, then produce a near-coaster, while the Benq seems to choose anywhere from 4x all the way down to 1x despite my selected speed, essentially a 20-60 minute burn.

I say go for Ritek… RicohJPN R03 seems the most likely scenario, and while these range from below average to great, you likely won’t be tossing 50% in the dumpster which seems my success rate with CMC M01. Ritek R04 would seem like the worst to get, while F16/P16 seem to be great media thus far.

The NEC ND-6650A in my laptop has done a fantastic job of swallowing most media. Speed wise it’s no winner with an 8x max, but the longest it’s ever taken to complete a burn is ~18 minutes. Average burn time is just under 14min. The first 200 or so discs it burned [not one coaster] were cheapo 4x +R CompUSA brand, unknown mfr as the ID programs don’t recognise the code. Dirt cheap and they worked.

First problems appeared with my 2nd spindle of 8x +R CompUSA brand. Both spindles ID’d as Advanced Media Limited [AML 002]. First 50 burned with 1 coaster and a couple of “glitchy” discs, second spindle every 3rd disc was a coaster. Of those that worked at all 80% wouldn’t play in any computer drive without hanging at multiple points, and gave many standalone DVD players fits.

Initially thought my burner was about dead or my rips were bad, but ran across a few old 4x blanks, reburned a couple of movies and they worked fine. Went out and bought a spindle of of Magnavox 16X [CMC M01] and of 50 had 2 coasters. Also got a stack of HP 16X [again CMC M01] and they’ve worked fine so far. My player will burn the CMC M01 at 8X but won’t be the greatest [some hangs but they’ll still play]. At 4x they work very well, no real issues. Actual difference in burn time between 4x and 8x is only ~2min, so I play it safe and go slow with them.

Have burned a few of the Maxell 16X +R [RICOHJPN-R03-004] at 8x now and they work like a charm. Actual burn time is also a bit shorter than with the CMC’s.

Don’t get me wrong-- CMC M01 works. It wouldn’t sell if it didn’t, and there’d likely a huge uproar if people were buying media that didn’t work.

What the issue is here, is simply bang for the buck. CMC M01 has proven over and over again to produce inconsistent burn quality. Many who purchase these are producing very usable discs, while some such as myself are getting a mixed bag. Some destined for the dumpster, some I actually use. The write strategies in each of my burners appear spot on, because each disc burned from each burner scans quite the same, often miserably, which leads me to believe this is a poor disc.

I can definately comment on 8x NEC drives being top-notch. You shouldn’t have a problem with media as 8x is generally the max for slim-line drives, and that model is new enough you should have firmware that supports most every media.

The point I’m bringing to the table, is there is better media out there than CMC M01. Better media out there than RicohJPN R03. But out of the two, I think you will get much better results out of the latter.

Although a Maxell-branded CMC MAG M01 disc worked well in my Lite-On burner when burned at 12x (in fact, better than my Maxell-branded RICOHJPN R03 discs), I play it safe - and be very cautious when buying any DVD media made by CMC with CMC codes, as their quality can vary widely from batch to batch.