Maxell (RICOHJPNR03) - Worth it?

I saw a few in the media test forum and they look decent. They are pretty cheap but cheap is not always good we know. My obvious x-mas shopping choice would be a phat box of Verbatim 16x +R but am tempted to buy some Maxell as well. Would it be a waste of money. I tried the Ridisc RICOHJPNR03. Scans very awful but discs were ok for a movie anyway.
Verbatim is … bugger… Out of stock (again)
Maxell is


here’s some Verbatim, hopefully the same as your out of stock link, ok 50p dearer

Ricoh JPN R03 can vary very strong between different brands. In my experience the Maxell JPN R03 are ok, average media. But I would look for the original Ricoh Ultraspeed 16x DVD+R. They are clear the best JPN R03, lower PIE than the Maxells. But when the price is good, nothing to say against the Maxells.

I wouldn’t trust Maxell for quality media.

If you really want to buy any Ricoh-coded media, you should directly go Ricoh. The price difference often is small.

I bought a 25-spindle a few weeks back, purely to see if the MID was RICOHJPN R03 (it was).

Not bad burns, but I think at the moment I’d only use them for “everyday use”. If they’re still kicking in a year’s time, I’ll be satisfied. :wink:

I have used both Ricoh and Maxell RICOHJPN R03 .If i can distinguish burner/firmware issues and media issues correctly then there is a big difference in quality.See for yourself.

Ricoh@16x with Nec 4570 1.z2

Ricoh @12x with 1.z1

Maxell @12x with 1.z1

My Maxell RICOHJPN R03’s are very good, but buy the original Ricoh R03’s if you want the best.