Maxell +R DL

I bought these and burned w/ no problems to date. Everyone keeps saying Verbatim is the only DL to buy. My question is this, will the maxell deteriorate
later, or am i lucky my burner seems to have no problems w/ these? They have a sale at best buy this week and I was planning on buying more, but if i am going to have problems later, i will spend more money and get Verbatims.

Which country of origin does it have?
Which media code?

Maxell uses Verbatim for Dual Layer in some cases, I have some in Jewel cases.

Does your packaging say Made in Singapore

It could also be Ritek or Ricoh.

sorry for the slow response, i am new to all this. I just downloaded DVD Identifer and it shows the disk is Ritek D01. I have burned a full 25 spindle w/out any problems. I have a philips 8631 w/ the latest firmware and havent made a single coaster.

Will these discs deteriorate over time or is my burner just doing a good job w/ these discs?

RITEK D01 is not really good media.
There is not experience so we cannot say exactly how this media will behave.
Are you able to make a disc quality scan with Nero CD-DVD Speed? :slight_smile:

i have never used nero cd-dvd speed. let me download it and I will respond as soon as i can w/ this.

it wont let me do a disc quality scan. it says i need to do a create disc

Is the disc in the drive empty? If so, put a DVD that you’ve previously burned into the drive - scanning only works with burned DVD’s :slight_smile:

how embarrassing…like i said i am new to all this. let me put in a burned disc and try again.

Don’t worry - it’s nothing to be embarassed about :slight_smile:

all was going well and then I got an Error! FOCUS SERVO FAILURE (040902)

before i got this error, it showed quality score of 97. no PI Failure and I was average something in the neighborhood of 16 PI errors and jitter average was 8.1. It got through about half the disc.

do you know what is causing this error? I have no idea what PI failure, Errors and jitter means, but i have read a little about it.

thanks for any help you can provide.

Which drive are you using to scan the disc? Lite-On, Plextor and Benq burners are really the only reliable DVD scanning drives out there ATM.

What about Samsungs? I heard they’re good now too?


i am using my philips 8631 dvd drive – the only one i own. These discs seem to work great for me, but before i backup all of my dvd’s, i want to make sure they will continue to look good in the future.

the first dl’s i ever bought were verbatims and i have had no problems out of them, but they were so expensive compared to others. I tried the maxell and havent had any trouble, so i figured i would stick w/ them. I am just worried a couple of years from now, my discs wont be any good or they will deteriorate over time faster than a ‘higher quality’ disc would. any advice is greatly appreciated.