Maxell or Ricoh DVD+R 8x

Hello fellows, I need some DVD+R at the moment and after some reading here and there I found that TY are probably the best media ever, but it’s almost impossible to found here or it’s really expensive. In the end I’ve chosen these two brands Ricoh and Maxell, but I don’t know which one if both come from Taiwan.
I’ve found Maxell a retailer claiming these discs come from Japan and they have a supperb quality :confused: In the other hand, other retailer, there’s no info about the origin of them.
Maxell’s mid ain’t shown. Ricoh is RICOHJPNR02.

More info can be found bellow:$ID=30

Retail price would be:
50x Maxell - 22,50€/$27.09 || 50x Ricoh - 21.99€/$26.48

50x Pics:

Thanks for your support! - C’Ya :bow:

I believe Maxell’s mid is MAXELL003 and they have a good quality. You can’t go wrong either Ricoh nor Maxell from Japan.

Warning, Maxell from taiwan is RITEKR03. Keep distance from it.

New Maxell single packages never seen write “made in” -Take care.

Ricoh’s brand quality maybe vary