Maxell or Ricoh 8X



based on your experiences, which one is better based on quality, the maxells made by maxell-hitachi or the maxells made by ricohjpn? they are both 8X. thanks.


Maxell-Hitachi DVDs are usually made in Japan. Ricoh are MIT. I’d go with MIJ. Both are good media.


i also like made in japan discs because of the quality. right now im using branded samsung MIJ t01 discs but they dont really work good with my liteon 832s, so not all good quality discs work good with some drives. liteon likes most ricohs from the scans i saw, but right now i wanna get a pack of maxell mij also.


@roberts it might help if you told us which burner and firmware you were using. It can varry a bit by burner. The Lite-Ons are notoriously fussy burners as are a few others. So we need to know. :wink:


jesterrace, i’m using a benq 822A and 1620 pro. i know that both maxell and ricoh are good but between the two which will last longer. i also use benq 8x and 16x dvd+r.


I have just tried Maxell DVD+R 8x (Hitachi, Made in Japan) and could make a successful burn only at 6x. It may be my burner (Toshiba SD-R5272, rev. 1031) that does not like Maxell (Hitachi).

With RICOHJPN02 I had great results. My favorite media. No problems at all.