Maxell or BenQ DVD+R

based on your experiences, which is better maxell 4x DVD+R or BenQ 8X DVD+R?

Maxell 4X DVD+R is mostly RIcohJPNR01 or TY-T01. Could also be Maxell002 though…
Which burner are you using? I’d purchase the Maxell and overspeed.

I have a BenQ 822A and 1620 DVD writers. I got 200 pcs of BenQ DVD+R for CAD$ 59.99 and 100 pcs Maxell for CAD$49.99. Both worked fine for me but which one will be better in the long run? BenQ(8X) is Dazon AZ2 and Maxell(4X) is RICOHJPN.

I’d trust the Maxells, but Benq discs will burn faster on the 1620. Your call.

The Daxon discs should also be very good. :slight_smile:

thanks guys…