Maxell MIJ Heads Up For UK

Im posting here rather than the bargin basement as its not a special deal or anything, just letting you know there still about.

Now if i recall Arachne likes the MIJ Maxells but Asda dont have them. Well i just bought 1 pack of Maxell X16 DVD-R’s, 5Pack, Cardboard box, made in japan printed on the back. Little expensive compared to what i normall buy at £4.99 but i though why not as i have read here a couple of times that the MIJ Maxells are good for longish term storage, PIE and PIF may not be as low as TY or Verbs on the initial scan. This is correct is it not ?? as a disc for long term storage ?? not used them myself before.

Of the shop that had them was Wilkinson

Whats a good speed to burn these on a 111 ?

I know that the [B]Dolphin[/B] and a few other users really like MIJ Maxell.
I think they’re good but not necessarily the best price/value ratio. I prefer Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden because those are cheaper and IMO at least almost equally good. Maybe I’m a cheapskate for [B]Dolphinius_Rex[/B]. :bigsmile:

But I’ve also heard some horror stories about degrading Maxells. :frowning:

Try them at 12x, this speed is almost never wrong for 16x media. :slight_smile:

argos got them 5packs for 4.99 as well but in dvd cases still a ripoff imo

Argos used to have them but now all they have is Memorex stuff.

The ones in the DVD case’s was they MIJ though, the ones i have seen was’nt. These ones i got are in cd jewel case’s.

Wilkinson! Wicked, a small bus-ride from me :bigsmile:

Thanks for the heads-up :bow:

Have a good butchers about in there though. When i was in there they had some media in one section which was the maxells in dvd cases,some maxell audio cds and minidiscs. Round the corner at the end of one of the isle’s they had them along side some printable maxell cd-r’s.

Let me know if you find any in there. They had about 8 or 9 box’s in the one i went in.

Cool, I’ll have a butcher’s. Hopefully Tuesday :iagree:

I’ll let you know if I find anything worth the trip :wink:

Arachne whats you experiance with them like?? ive never used them before. Only bought a box as i have read here they have good stability and are good for long term storage.

Really nice at 8x or 12x. LGs seem to do best with them out of my drives, and I’m happy enough with them that some of my backups are stored on them :wink:

Been using them for a fair while now, seem to be holding up OK. :slight_smile:

They’re still in my Wilko’s too :slight_smile:

MXLRG04 and MAXELL 003 are outstanding media for me. Not that tough, but in my experience definately first class media :iagree:

I must say I like the +R variety a lot better than the -R…or my burners do. :slight_smile:

And if I don’t have any in my local Wilko’s, I’ll just mug the two of you (Yoda and Kev) :bigsmile:

Tut tut, bad idea to try and mug a jedi me thinks… mmmmmmmmmmmm :bigsmile:

Think the only +R’s i saw in there was the ones in dvd case’s, dont know where they are made. Arachne and Kevatcrewe you dont happen to have any scans of MXL RG04 discs do you ?? was only one in the test section.

I don’t have one - remember however PIE max of 10 and PIF max of 8 - very few PIF’s. Burnt on a 1650 @ 12x (SB OFF/OFF, WOPC on - can’t remember what firmware sorry).

Definately MAXELL 003 and MXLRG04 produced some of the best burns ever for me - should work well in you’re 111 (I suggest 12x speed).

Bah, I tried :bigsmile:

Doh, sorry no MXL RG04 scans here, just looked through my scans folder.

Those Maxell 16x +R’s will probably be RICOHJPN R03.

OK, thanks anyways. But are the total number of PIF and PIE are higher than TY’s ?? need to know otherwise i may think somethings not right.

Better that Yuden T03 and TYG03 for me :slight_smile:

Ah sod it i’ll just burn something when need be. Aslong as there stability is good and the last a while which i have had answered here then thats fine with me for now.

IMO, it highly depends on the batch.
The PIF totals in this YUDEN000 T03 burn are very tasty IMO. :slight_smile:
Yes, I’m really proud of this Plextor, it seems to be an incredibly good machine :bigsmile:

In general PIF totals and averages are slightly higher but it is usually nothing alarming.

I’m not sure about the bonding quality though :confused: Some think the Maxell consumer MIJ media has poor bonding quality.