Maxell (MIJ) 8x vs. 16x DVD media

I’ve noticed some differences:
MAXELL 002’s packaging has no thread.
MAXELL 003’s packaging has a thread.

MAXELL 002’s jewel case has a small middle thingy holding the front paper.
MAXELL 003 only has two thingies, like most jewel cases nowadays.

MAXELL 002’s hub codes aren’t straight, but following the ring, like 0674BB205F2004760.
MAXELL 003’s hub codes are straight and like P4CA165B.

Also, MAXELL 003’s jewel cases have a flat star in the middle, while MXL RG04’s jewel cases have a star with a hole in the middle.

Could it be that those discs (which are all MIJ, btw) were made in different factories or stuff like that? :confused:

Maybe they’re made by Ritek?
I wouldn’t believe the MIJ on the package, it has been faked before.

They couldn’t be made by Ritek if they have a Maxell media code…

I bought some Maxell RG04 with a MIJ paper sticker over the Made in Taiwan bar code so I not sure there is a good way to identify cases. They where MXL RG04 BTW. See here.

I have gotten maxel002 with a paper mij sticker over the mit printed on the package too. Personally I have always gotten decent burns from 002 but I know others experiences vary.

This would be odd, it would mean that Maxell has different packaging factories… :?

MXL RG04’s jewel cases also have the “DVD-R” logo embossed on the inside. The 003 cases do not carry the “DVD+R” logo.

It might help if you posted some pictures.

Just a suggestion. :rolleyes:

I was thinking something similar to discs with Verbatim’s media code made by CMC.

If you have a choice between a 100 spindle of the MIJ 8x 003 with bond issues and the MIT 16x (don’t know MID), which would you choose?

My MAXELL002s don’t seem to show any bonding issues, and my LG4163B loves them. My BenQ 1650 likes the MAXELL003, but doesn’t burn the MAXELL002 very well.

So my choice would depend purely on which burner I was using at the time, because as I say, I’ve not seen the 8x +R bonding issues for myself.