Maxell media

I just recently buyed some maxell dvd+r media - but later I read somewhere that the dash R format was better and had better quality then the +r format. Is this true or are they both equal in quality. my burner and player can play both + and - but just wanted to know if there was a difference in quality. thankyou for any info.

actually you have that backwards. there is more low quality and FAKE Branded DVD-R than there is +R media. my persoanl preference is for the +R media. I use Taiyo yuden and verbatim mostly but I have a few spindles of Maxell DVD+R made in Japan which have been excellent.

It also depends on what burner you have. Some like -R, and some like +R better. I know that Lite-On drives tend to favor DVD+R, but other than that, I don’t know which burners like what media. If you post what kind of burner you have, I’m sure someone here will enlighten you.

Thanks for all the info. I burned a few disk and they were flawless. I have a sony dru700a and is working pretty good so far. Thanks again for all the info and mahalo to everyone.

your sony is a rebadged liteon so stick with quality +R media like the maxell`s and you should make good consintent burns.

As others have said, liteons do beter with +r so stick with it (and make sure you bitset it). Maxell 4x +r is usally ricohjpnr01 and maxell 8x+r is usally maxell002. Both are great medias that the liteon will love so you are safe either way.
Fyi If they are 4x (ricohjpnr01), they usally burn great at 6x and or 8x if you feel like speed hacking your firmware, which will void your waranty but is generally pretty safe.

Thanks for all the great advice. Burned a few more disks and not one problem or error. I will continue to stick with the +R format. Thankyou and mahalo everyone.