Maxell Media in the DW1620



I’m sure that this has already been answered in some shape or form on here, but I couldn’t find a definite answer in my searches. I am currently waiting for my new Benq DW1620 to arrive, and I happened upon a spindle of 100 Maxell 4X 4.7GB DVD-R discs for a REALLY good price. I’m hoping to use them to backup my DVD’s and use them on my RCA DRC212N standalone DVD player…Can anyone forsee any problems? I’ve heard both good and bad about going to the -R discs…Apparently Benq drives had some problems writing good ones…yet they’re known to be more compatible with most standalones…Any advice to a N00B?


I have had good luck with 8x or 16x media in my two BenQ DW1620 drives. I say this with respect to DVD+R and also to DVD-R media. Check out this thread regarding how well the DW1620 can burn DVD-R media:

Saying that the BenQ DW1620 isn’t a good DVD-R burner has been proven to be urban legend. I would stay away from 4x speed media whether its DVD+R and DVD-R. This is because most of BenQ’s firmwares (especially the newer ones) seem to work best for media rated at 8x speed or higher. There’s a limited amount of info that can be stored in a drive’s firmware and it appears that BenQ has been favoring higher speed media when releasing firmware updates. This makes sense because the DW1620 is a 16x speed burner. That’s my $0.02 on this.


Cool. Thanks…So -R or +R isn’t that big a deal anymore, but I have to watch for the speeds…That’s good to know. I just have one more question: I’ve heard a lot going around the forums on two different firmwares for the 1620…There’s the ‘B’, and the ‘G’; is either one better than the other? Is there a reason to go with one and not the other, depending on what you’re going to use it for?
Thanks again.


The G firmware is for bulk drives and the B firmware is for the retail drives.
When a new firmware is relaesed, it’s mostly a B firmware for the reatail drives.
But both B and G are the same, B is not better than G.

My opinion is that the Benq is more cpmpatible with +R than -R disks. The Benq can write very well on quality -R disks.


Depends on which firmware, the 1620 can also be good with cheapo -R disks.


So because I ordered an OEM drive, it’s likely going ito be ‘G’ firmware, I assume…so if I flash it, I have to stick with the ‘G’ line? And if most of the updated firmware is the ‘B’ for retail drives, wouldn’t ‘B’ be better than ‘G’ because it would be more recent?


Maxell DVD-R (dash R) 4x can be either MXLRG02 (2x in B7T9) or TYG01 (4x)… :wink:

I would only buy this media if I get a really good deal. :slight_smile:

Note. Media burn speeds provided by ala42.

Visit for media compatibility feedbacks.


B firmware is usually more recent, but not always better. I like B7P9 (same as G7P9) best - even more than the newest B7T9. If one’s drive is an OEM version, then flashing to B firmware would void the warranty.


So my best choice would be to immediately flash up to G7P9? Would that give me full functionality for everything, including my DL burns?


Yes. :slight_smile:


Cool. Thanks for all your help!


The speed information used for MXL RG02 is incorrect. This is a 4x rated media which burns at 4x with all BenQ 1620 firmware. Its quality is outstanding. For those that have a NEC 3500 as well, the MXL RG02 can be burned at up to 12x with Liggy and Dee’s beta firmware. The quality test link at Liggy And Dee’s ND-3500 firmware V2 Beta1 burning Maxell MXL RG02 @12x demonstrates the potential of this media when supported by the proper firmware and burning strategy.

For what it’s worth TY G01 can produce high quality burns on a NEC 2500 or 3500 at 8x. The BenQ 1620 firmware doesn’t allow these faster burn speeds on MXL RG02 or TY G01, but the results would be still be very high quality burns. :slight_smile:


Ok…Here comes what I’m sure is a GIANT Newbie question…Is there any way that I can tell what whether the DVDs are MXL RGO2, TYG01, or RITEKG04s by LOOKING at the packaging??? Does it say on most packages, or is that something I can only find out when I get the DVDs home? I looked at the videohelp link that Pinto put up and found that those are the three possibilities for Maxell 4X media, and the RITEKs apparently suck…so it would be good to know BEFORE I buy a giant spindle of them…


Made in Taiwan = RitekG04.
Made In Japan with a “lip” at the bottom of the package = TY.
Normal Made In Japan = MXLRG02.