Maxell Media code MXL RG03

I burned a 25 pack of DVD-R 8x Maxells a long time ago.

After checking the media code, it seems all too similar to Ritek G03.

Are these actually Ritek made discs? The scans are very impressive for being burned a year or more ago.

A year ago, there were no Ritek productions of Maxell discs :wink:
Now apparently they are starting to.
The disc is quite ok. But Ritek G03 would have been 2x DVD-R media, which is not exactly the same speed as MXL RG03. :wink:

The disc you have is genuine Maxell-made. No need to worry, and the scan’s good too.

Yep. Those are made by Hitachi Maxell in Japan and are superb discs.

[Sadly though, they’re no longer available downunder. :sad: ]

not only in downunder, I desperately cannot find them in my near (100km) location in Germany :frowning:

Yeah, they’ve stopped stocking Maxell MIJ discs in my local supermarket as well (which was where I usually got them). One week, a shelf-full - the next, all gone :sad:

^LOL… think this is a worldwide phenomenon :o:
Same thing here in India… all shelves full one week, empty the next!
Pity, they were the best discs available here till Verbatim showed up…

I’ll have to stock up on Maxells then. Thanks for the info!

Some stores in the netherlands still have them. But yeah the price is screwed thanks to our levy.

Also cdfreaks webstore is still selling printable 50 pcs spindles.

Some German stores still have them too. :wink:

Unfortunately, I think that’s it for me, for MIJ Maxells. Unless I get lucky at PC World or Curry’s, who very occasionally have old stock lying around.

All the smaller independent stores in my hometown tend to sell E-net stuff and nothing else :Z

Here MIJ Maxell discs not available last 8 months .Most Maxell discs are RICOHJPN R03 and RITEKF1.-In case of older stock,it’s hard ID if have Japan discs inside,because have similar package than new one.

With older stock (for example, 4x +R), the MIJ ID was easy to make for me, as they said MIJ on the cardboard box. They turned out to be YUDEN000 T01 :bigsmile:

The 8x ones were a bit hit or miss though, as the shrinkwrapped ones were erroneously labelled MIJ, when they were Ritek :Z

I have 200 of these MIJ MXLRG03’s left. I knew buying them up for $1.00 AUD per disc in Jewel cases was a good move. Now if only I could get some Maxell + R discs.