Maxell media at walmart

ive been picking up 10 packs of maxell dvd-r’s with cases for $16.84. all of the -r discs so far have been taiyo yudens. the +r are ricohjpn. not too bad a deal for something i can pick up in a B&M.

just a little heads up.

Can you post the ADIP from these discs? Generally they are Maxell made in Japan, not TY.

hmm. im still a little new at all this. adip? ive actually bought 3 10 packs so far, 2 have been TY and 1 maxell media (all made in japan) so im guessing its a bit of a crapshoot.

That’s not a bad crapshoot there…

I too have heard that Maxell uses TY’s when volume demand is high. That’s the kind of rebranded substitution I won’t beatch about.