Maxell Maxstix 1GB USB Flash Drive Review



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We test out, the very cute Maxell Maxstix 1GB USB Flash drive

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Review say: Because of the price and performance of the Maxell Maxstix 1GB flash drive, we decided to award the drive our CD Freaks “Safe Buy” award. price is cheap, but performance?? Read speed is low 15mb/s and write speed less than 10mb/s. Not a top notch performance. Other USB drives can do lot faster. And who use 1GB these days?


I think flash drives are going to be obsolete. With the size of portable hard drives getting smaller and capacity larger. I see no point to carry 1 gig when I can easily carry 1tb


Very good to have on hand, mostly 'cause of its small size/portability…has just enough capacity for most jobs, and the price is just right, too! I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars!