Maxell Manu. Phillips C16 question



I bought today some Maxell DVD+R media 16x. The manufacturer code is Philips C16. Has anyone tried this media? Are this good on Benq 1620? Same brand as benq right? I havent burned anything on this brand, but I would like to know so that I can buy some more. It is the first time I see 16x media in my country, hard to find those here, and it is not expensive.



Well… try them and report back =)


Run a Qscan and see how they do.


ok, i tested it on Qscan, and said the disc is OK for 16x speed. Is there any other test that can be done?


Well a image of the QScan would be helpful =)
You can always burn the disc… and make a Quality scan in Nero CD/DVD speed…


ok, here is the image. any thoughts?


Looks very good… they should burn OK at 12x or even 16x. But you have to try it first… then you’ll see how well it burns.


I will burn one later, and post the results.thanks.


where did you buy them ?


I am from Panama, Panama. I bought it here in a store.


We get a lot of maxell cd-r and dvd±r here since Maxell for Latin america is based here.


Here is the result in Nero quality results on the Maxell Phillips C16 dics.
Burned at 16x in Clone DVD.
Can anyone tell me if it is good?


you should have burnt a full disc…better…cause media tend to be not that good on the outer rims…