Maxell man ID = RITEKG05?

I’ve just bought a maxell 50disc cakebox from fry electonic, my nero info tool says “manufacture id = RITEKG05”. I thought it should be MXL Gxx or something like this… so…

  1. where to buy maxell with MXL CODE
  2. is RitekG05 good ?


If you look at, under the media section, you will see that maxell can be at least 3 different media codes. You should be able to search the forum and find how to determine the media code by serial number and where it is made.

Made in Japan = MXL code and real good maxell media

Made in Taiwan = just generic ritek G05 media, much worse than the maxell japan media.

Interesting reading:

And on this very forum:

A little search goes a long way.