Maxell going the Verbatim way?

Sure sounds like it:


Restructuring of Optical Disk Operations
Start of Strategic Outsourcing of Production of Write-Once DVD Discs
Hitachi Maxell, Ltd., (Yoshito Tsunoda, President and Chief Executive Officer) has decided to shift its
write-once DVD production base overseas and commence Super ODM (Original Design Manufacturing), a
new type of strategic production partnership, with a target date of spring 2007. Maxell is implementing this
restructuring of its optical disk operations under the banner of “Reconstructing and Newly Developing Core
Operations,” one of the action plans outlined in the company’s new medium-term business plan.
This move builds on previous steps taken by Maxell to restructure its optical disk operations, such as
outsourcing the manufacture of products for overseas markets. Faced with the need to make further progress
in restructuring, the Company made the decision to begin manufacturing under the new Super ODM
production outsourcing system. Maxell will transfer most of a production line from the Tsukuba Works (Joso
City, Ibaraki Prefecture), to an overseas partner company. The transfer of the line, which is currently being
used to make write-once DVD discs for the domestic market, is scheduled to be completed in spring 2007.
Under Super ODM, the original quality control and production control techniques developed at the Tsukuba
Works will be introduced across the board, and write-once DVD discs will be manufactured with production
lines and production processes that are based on Maxell technologies. In this way, the Company will be able
to ensure that these products continue to offer the same high levels of reliability and longevity.
Maxell will position the Tsukuba Works as an AD (Advanced Disk) Technology Center specializing in the
development and production of such products as blue-laser optical discs, recordable DVD discs, and
leading-edge DVD discs. At the same time, the Company will enhance the ability of the Tsukuba Works to
serve as a “mother factory” supporting Maxell-brand optical media in global markets. As a result of this
restructuring move, Maxell will establish a system with the optimal balance among in-house production,
Super ODM products, and outsourced production. The Company remains committed to boosting
management efficiency in its optical disk operations.

Dolph? RJW/dakhaas? Any news on this? Sounds like they will ask partner companies to produce DVDRs with Maxell’s own stamper tech, and retain their in-house facility for BluRay etc.
Just hope their partner is not Ritek :frowning: :doh:

Yes, I read that…
I hope that they will continue producing MIJ DVD media for their Xtreme Protek series…

If Îœaxell follow Ricoh’s strategy make Japan code discs through specific product lines,there will be not quality problem.-If follow market needs and make Japan code discs in many places for cost purpose,will have mix quality results as Verbatim or Ricoh (made in India) discs :confused:

Well as far as I know not all lines will be transfered abroad. Mori and Media Box Brand lines which are produced at Mizukaido Plant are supposed to stay MIJ. As the press release says Maxell will still produce recordable DVDs and leading-edge discs. But Maxell is definately going the way of Ricoh and Verbatim.

From my info there are differences between verbatim and how maxell is going to work.
I would say maxell strategy is more in line with TDK.

Then just hope that the rumours are untrue.

I have this nasty feeling you’re on the money with that one :eek:

Sorry just jumping in here with a quick question … Im curious, whats is the difference in strategy between Verbatim and TDK?? they both out source right??

I thought people were saying that Ritek was improving.

Well, they’ve been going up and down in quality since the early 90es… their cd’s were pretty bad back then. Hard to tell how long the current improvement’s going to last, I guess it depends on if it’ll be (if at all) a Ricoh style deal or like the current Ritek made Maxell discs with Ritek MID. But that’s just my thoughts on the subject, feel free to disagree. :slight_smile:

Since Maxell has already been using Ritek media for some of their discs, it wouldn’t come as a suprise if they choose to outsource their own media production to Ritek as well.

I just go by what my burners tell me :bigsmile:

Doesn’t Verbatim pretty much rely almost exclusively on MCC for their media? Hence why their are so consistent in terms of quality? Because MCC manufacturers in tight compliance to their spec?


RICOHJPN used to be great media but now it can fluctuate a great deal depending on the batch, it has been made by Ritek, possibly from the very start with RICOHJPN R00 2.4x, with the exception being their DL media. It was consistent media when Ritek was putting out consistent media, and RICOHJPN became much less reliable at about the same time that Ritek started distributing more questionable media. So regardless of the fact that Maxell ‘knows what they’re doing’, using Ritek to make media for them is still an idea I’m not too fond of.


Why do people concerned with quality and consistency purchase anything other than Verbatim for DVD media, if it is available to them?

Because Verbatim is not the crown of media innovation and consistency either.
If you want to find the 100% (relatively) perfect media, you have to try, try, and try again. Sometimes it’s TY, sometimes it’s Maxell MIJ, and sometimes it’s only Verbies left. This market is too fast. :wink:

Errr - yes they are. :slight_smile:

Verbies are more consistant than any other brand in recent history, is it not?

They are DA BOMB and by switching to them, n00bs and established folks alike can avoid all kinds of headaches and have the best chance for smooth DVD Movie playback.

I agree, unless things change dramatically, this will just play in Verbatim’s hand (for cdfreaks anyway, as 95% of consumers will likely continue to buy Maxell as a brand-name).

You have not considered that very few users explicitly look for “Made in Japan” media, and the majority of Maxell media, at least in Europe, is MIT. By using Maxell media codes and Maxell technology, the MIT Maxells will at least show a slight improvement over stuff like RITEKF1.
And I think if Mori and Mediabox Maxells will continue being MIJ (as [B]koba[/B] said before), the Maxell Pro/Plus and BQ will most likely continue to be MIJ too.

Actually, Plus Series may very well be outsourced too. I suspect BQ and Protek will still be MIJ, but it’s hard to say at this point.