Maxell DVDR deal at Walmart

Today I was in Walmart and it appears that they are blowing out Maxell x 8 DVD-r and DVD+r 15 spindle cake boxes. (at least in my area)

I copped two spindles at 3 bucks a spindle.

Take a look around your way!

Not bad. If I hadn’t had such rotten luck with them, then I would be all over it. :frowning:

None here at my local store.

What was the mid on each and how much? Did both say “Made in Japan” on the side?

(edit) BTW, none showing up online (out of stock).

great deal, can you scan for the media code for MIJ ones

Was at my local store last night. No deals to be had…You must have gotten lucky.


I can not tell you the MID as I do not have burner. I have a DVD Recorder.

It says “Made in Japan”. I paid 3 dollars a spindle.

I guess I got lucky. There was a huge clearance rack filled with DVD-/+R’s in the Walmart here. Guess it was only a local thing.

Sorry guys…

I have noticed with a lot of things at Wally World that they will over order something and, since they have limited storage space, they will practically give them away with specials that they have on them. This is a local phenom as I have two WW’s close to each other and I’ll see the deals in one and go to the other and look and they don’t have the same deals. (note: speaking generally, not just about bland CD/DVD media.)

Makes sense…

I bought my DVD Recorder at one for 75 bucks and all others were selling them for 118.

where do you live?


I bought the DVD’s in the Avon,Mass store and my DVD Recorder at the Quincy, Mass location.

ok thank you. Maybe that in Montreal, Canada we don’t have the same deal.


At my local Wal-Mart (in Montreal also) I’ve picked up 2 15-pack spindle of Maxell DVD-R 8X for 10$ a piece.They are Made in Japan. But a week later, at the same store and at same price, the packaging changed a bit: it was Made in Taiwan :a :a Should I be concerned ?

No, there’s no need for concern.
The made in Japan ones are better quality.