Maxell DVD+RW information request

Anyone used this media before? Is it a high quality, durability media? Only information i have about this media; the cake box picture of it. Thanks…

This is either Ritek/Ricoh or PHILIPS041 (CMC) media.

Maxell use 3 discs for their +RW 4x media from what I could find - PHILIPS.041 (OK), RICOHJPN W11 (recent batches appear to be very variable) and Ritek 004 (never tried any, but I don’t trust Ritek media that much).

Best bet is to use Verbatim 4x +RW media instead if possible - excellent for me.

My Maxell is Ritek 004 and it is made in Taiwan. Also I have some PHILIPS041, they wasn’t work great with LG-4082B, but they are good for BenQ’s.

Ive had Ricoh branded W11 and they appear to be quite good for DVD+RW. I havn’t tried the Ritek RW media yet though.

I think that Philips 041 media is some of the best, here is a scan of TDK branded Philips 041 written on an LG 4167b at 4x

It’s still fun to read “1x to 4x speed” on a DVD+RW media.
I can only assume this is mainly made to gather the attention of standalone recorder owners…

Maybe I’m missing your point, because I don’t get the funny part?!

DVD+RW media rated at 1-4x and DVD-RW media rated at 1-6x work great in my Sony RDR-HX910 standalone HDD/DVD recorder, whether I transfer something from the harddrive at maximum speed (4x or 6x burning) or whether I record something in real-time (<1x speed).

So what’s your point?

I got a 10 pack of datalifeplus verbatim +r/w 4X and they are complete junk for my 1640’s. five writes and it’s the trash bin. full format does not change a thing

Yes, I also have experienced issues with MKM A02s. They seem to be some of the worst discs I’ve ever used. :frowning:

My Verbatim 4x DVD+RW (MKM A02) have very high PIF totals when scanned and are consistenly way over 4 max value, and I have experienced burning problems a few times in my DVD burners.

In my Sony RDR-HX910 HDD/DVD standalone recorder however, they have worked flawlessly, and I have one disc which I have probably overwritten a hundred times (literally!) in my Sony without any readback problems - except occasional slowdowns.

I bought a pack of Maxell DVD+RW (Ritek004) a few months ago and now they’re practically useless. :sad:

The point is that 1x and 2x doesn’t really exist for the +R/RW/RDL format.