Maxell DVD-RAM disks with LG DVD-RAM mode

I have had a GSA-4040B for a year and a half running only as a DVD-RAM drive and no problems with Maxell DVD-RAM 4.7. Version 2 disks. Recently I ordered some more disks and received Version 2.1 Revision 1. These won’t work and are not recognized for formatting, erasing or checking via tools in properties. Windows doesn’t recognize the disk. So I obtained a GSA-4163B and installed it with exactly the same result. The Version 2 disks work perfectly and are recognized by windows, the Version 2.1 disks are don’t and are not. Any ideas?

GSA-4163B and other models explicitly support DVD-RAM version 2.1 which is the current DVD-RAM specification.

記録 / 再生速度 記 録 [DVD-R] : 2x, 4x CLV, 8x ZCLV
[DVD-RW] : 1x, 2x, 4x CLV
[DVD-RAM] : 2x, 3x ZCLV, 3x-5x PCAV (Ver.2.1)
[DVD+R] : SL - 2.4x, 4x CLV, 8x, 12x ZCLV
DL - 2.4x CLV
[DVD+RW] : 2.4x, 4x CLV
[CD-R] : 4x, 8x, 16x CLV, 24x, 32x, 40x ZCLV
[CD-RW] : 4x, 8x, 10x, 16x CLV, 24x ZCLV
再 生 [DVD-R/RW/ROM] : 10x/8x/16x Max.

[DVD-RAM(Ver.2.1)] : 2x, 3x ZCLV, 3x-5x PCAV
[DVD+R/+RW] : SL - 10x Max. DL - 8x Max. / 8x Max.
[CD-R/RW/ROM] : 40x Max.

GSA-4040B specification.

記録 / 再生速度 記録 [DVD-R] : 1x, 2x, 4x
[DVD-RW] : 1x, 2x
[DVD-RAM] : 2x (Ver. 2.0), 3x (Ver. 2.1)
[DVD+R] : 2.4x, 4x
[DVD+RW] : 2.4x
[CD-R] : 4x, 8x (CLV), 16x, 24x (ZCLV)
[CD-RW] : 4x, 8x, 12x (CLV), 16x (ZCLV)
再生 [DVD-ROM] : Max. 12x
[CD-ROM] : Max. 32x

The specifications may say version 2.1 disks are explicitly supported however
when I put a version 2.1 disk in the machine, it comes up as a blank D drive allright, but then when I try to use any of the erase or format commands the operation fails and an error box appears asking me if the disk is compatible. When I go into properties and try to use any of the disk checking “tools” an error box appears. This does not happen with version 2 disks. Version 2.1 disks behaved exactly the same way in the GSA-4040B and when I tried writing to the version 2.1 disks some data was saved and then the disk was reported full. Subsequent writings failed.

Also, if I remember correctly, putting a new version 2 disk in the drive brought up a box requesting that the disk be formatted. When I put version 2.1 disks in either drive this does not happen and after some blinking lights the drive opens as D drive, not requiring formatting.

What version of FW you’re using in the GSA-4163 when the above events happened?? I must admitted that I have’nt yet triedd the DVD-RAM discs in GSA-4163 I got, but so far it has been well behaving to me regarding DVD+/-Rs, DVD+RWs,CD-Rs, and CD-RWs. I am still using their A104 FW and would’nt border to update it yet! :slight_smile:

Have you tried updating your DVD-RAM driver software.
I have no problems using version2.1 disks (Panasonic) in a GSA-4163B and my old LF-D521 Panasonic drive with the latest DVD-Ram drivers (Feb 05).

Yes I updated the DVD-RAM driver right away but that didn’t do anything, but I downloaded it off the net so perhaps it wasn’t the latest driver. I will do it again.

One question-- I installed the new software that came with the new 4163B, would that have loaded a new DVD-RAM driver?

It loaded InCD and one site said that is now used as the DVD-RAM driver, unless its still using the original one which came with the 4040B.

Yeah, that is correct!! I would prefer the Nero’s InCD driver, which is loaded irrespective whether Nero Burning Application is activated or not, as InCD is resident in your memory once it is installed. InCD can support both your DVD+/-RWs and DVD-RAM discs.However you must be using the latest version of Nero Burning, such as at least version or higher! :slight_smile:

The NERO Express OEM version came bundled with the drive, not NERO burning ROM. But they had InCD on the same disk. Would I still have to get the latest version of Nero burning? One can still purchase the version 2 of the Maxell DVD-RAM disks on Ebay, but I have 10 of the Version 2.1 so I didn’t want to make a bonfire of them though I do feel like it now! I got an email back from LG saying I might have to update the firmware on these drives. There are some horror stories about this failing and causing the drive to fail permanently!

I’m not really interested in burning DVD+/- RWs, only the DVD-RAM application. I have a Plexwriter for writing CDS and dont do videos. I do see the DVD-RAM driver still in the add/remove program llist as well as InCD, would you advise removing them both and re-installing InCD?

I would advise to remove your DVD-RAM driver but keep the Nero InCD driver in your OS! The Nero’s InCD will support both DVD-RW & DVD-RAMs and it is NOT ideal to have both InCD and 3rd Party DVD-RAM drivers installed in your OS as this may result in conflicts.
You can update your InCD driver too by surfing the Nero Web Site, look for “Nero Burning Rom Reload or similar”, under this menu, there should be 4 packages that you may select to download. I think the InCD update is in Package3, which you could check it out before downloading. Then download it to your OS, and just click it using your mouse to auto-update! It should auto locate your Nero Express and InCD version, giving you the option to update it if you wanted to, and go!! Then re-boot your PC and the updated InCD driver should be running. :slight_smile:

Why would people post questions here if the people answering on phones and emails are so good?

So your PC isn’t yet recognizing version 2.1 DVD-RAM disks?