Maxell DVD-R won't burn on BenQ DQ60

Hi, David here in NYC.
Maxell 16X DVD-R’s won’t burn on BenQ DQ60. Gives “power calibration error.”

Is MREC.exe Dec 6 2005 the latest driver for DQ60?

I’m using Nero Xpress to burn DVD-Video Files. TDK DVD-R’s and others work fine.

Is there a way to make these Maxell Discs work on the BenQ DQ60? Sending them back would be a problem.

“Power calibration” seems to be a drive’s problem not the just the media.
Your drive can use 16x media and Maxell is well known brand, providing the ones you got are not fake
For firmware, have a look at:
and seach for your specific model.
If you can overturn the power calibration prob, try to ask Nero to check and burn at the best possible speed, not the top one (16x).

Those Maxells are probably Ritek F1, which isn’t the most compatible media. MREC is the latest AFAIK. Not much you can do here. If you desperately need to burn these discs, you can try crossflashing your drive to a Plextor 750A, but once it’s done there’s no way back I believe. Or buy a newer burner. :slight_smile:

MREC is latest firmware.

Could you post the mediacode of the Maxell disc.

Supported mediacodes by MREC.

JBV – First, thanks to all for the quick good response – this forum rocks!

The core on the Maxell’s is QCH608302028E05. I lowered to X8, but still NG. But then I called George at Maxell and he was cooperative – but he was implying that my drive was degenerating – which I don’t understand, and I’m still skeptical because after two Maxell’s failed I used my last blank TDK DVD-R and it worked perfectly at 16X as usual. George suggested 4X for the Maxell, and albeit with the wasted time, it worked.

I have used Maxell X16 successfully with this BENQ. So unless something really weird is happening – like my drive is alive and all of a sudden he decides he doesn’t like the smell of Maxells – then there is something wrong with this batch.

Even though George thinks I’ll probably get the same bad result (16X won’t work), with a little nudging he agreed to see if his supervisor would allow him to let me return the remainders for replacements.

But please Note: He called back and they agreed! – I pay postage, they give me a few extra to compensate.

That’s genuine customer service. Thanks, George, Thanks Maxell – and thanks CD Freaks Guys for your responses. Best regards, DavidAAA