Maxell DVD-R Spindle MFC?

I found 25pk spindles of Maxell DVD-R’s for $10, and I’m wondering what mfc’r they probably are. When I called they said they were “Made in Japan,” which is always better than Taiwan :stuck_out_tongue:

Or should I just not worry because the few Mfc’s they use (Yuden, Maxell, Ricoh, Ritek) are all fairly good?

manufacturer will be Maxell or Taiyo Yuden.
Both are excellent :wink:

Maxell ALWAYS uses top-manufacturers. Whether it be A-grade Ritek,Tayo yuden or Maxell you’ll always get high-quality discs. That’s my experience at least with DVD-R, DVD+R and even their CD-R’s.

BTW: If you purchase them now you’ll probably get Riteks. DVD+R is still Taiyo Yuden.