Maxell DVD+R MIT

Considering the problems associated with Maxells DVD-R MIT are the Maxell DVD+R MIT any good?


The +R MIT I’ve had have been RICOHJPN R03, and they burn pretty well. I even bough a second spindle for everyday use.

But as with all things Ritek, expect variation. :wink:

Soon the market will be flooded with Maxel MID MIT discs…they are turning up everywhere in Japan…

Well, I better stock up on the (still available) MIJ MAXELL 003 (although it’s sooo expensive :()
Is some Maxell media (Mediabox, Mori) still MIJ?

Mori and Mediabox are still MIJ. You also still find MIJ Maxells but more and more cakeboxes say MIT.

Well, we knew this was coming from Maxell’s previous announcement, and their shipping of most of their manufacturing lines to Ritek.

Any chance you could get us some scans of some MIT Maxell MID code media?

I’m not [B]koba[/B], but maybe this is what you were looking for, [B]Dolphinius_Rex[/B]: :bigsmile:

Yes it was announced by Maxell so its nothing new really…
Well kg_evilboy beat me to this but i will also provide scans to 16x media.
Thianine’s Brunch has some scans…

I bought Maxell +R 16X at OfficeDepot a couple of weeks ago and they were CMC M1.

Thanks for the scans!!!

I have to say I was hoping for better though… but hopefully it will improve with time as Ritek gets used to making it.

Not bad scans,but I’m doubt if Ritek’s quality control will be continue stable, as Maxell propably want for it’s own MID products. :doh:
I also think MIJ same discs have 5-10% better results (as I remember from some past tests here in forum)

yes YSS and Thianine both say that the MIJ is better than the MIT…