Maxell DVD+R MIJ...Still Available?

OK, I’m getting low on my last batch of Maxell DVD+R MIJs and all I can find in the stores here in Canada is MITs. Are MIJs still available and if not what are the latest MITs like?

Are Verb DVD+Rs any good?

This might not help much but I was just at Walmart today and they had plenty of Maxell DVD+R MIJ but they were printable, Sears also may have some.

But I try to stay away from these because they have bonding issues.

For the most part Verbatim is a better choice.

For DVD SL media ther is only one choice - the 8X TY. Verb is no better than MIJ Maxwell.

Look for Sony Dvd+R 1X-8X 50 pack spindles with octagonal spacer on top, made in Japan. MID should be YUDENT02.

Out of my Maxell MIJ and Sony MIJ 8x discs, I’d go with the Sony discs, too. But that might be equally as hard to find.

The Verbatim DvD+R 16x are now MII ( Made In India )
The Verbatim DvD-R 16x are still MIT ( Made In Taiwan )
The Verbatim DvD+R DL’s are MIS ( Made In Singapore )

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Short serial MIJ Maxell DVD+R has disappeared for good from my town. You can still find a bunch of MIJ Maxell -R at Sears, but that stuff’s a bit too delicate for me.

I haven’t liked any of the MIT Maxell 16x stuff lately. It’s been a bad mix of CMC and Ritek-made junk, with occasionally decent Prodisc thrown into the mix. If you’re hunting for CMC Mag-M01 or Ritek-made RICOHJPN-R03, you know where to find it. :Z

According to… you. Verbatim 8x VS TY 8x is a close battle if you ask me. MCC02RG20 has the edge over TYG02 IMO but T02 probably wins against MCC003. But saying there’s only one choice is silly. There’s quite a few, my signature holds a number of good discs.

MAXWELL isn’t that one of those funky brands ?, which is no where as good as Verbatim !
I’m not joking.And I know you probably mistyped but I couldn’t resist to pick on it. :bigsmile:

Incase of Maxell MIJ and Verbatim the quality is arround the same.
8x TY is a very questionable naming. Because it can also mean 8x value TY which could be TYG03. And TYG03 is worse as Maxell MIJ and Verbatims 16x media in most cases. (Thanks to drive support and media fluctuations.)
Incase of TYG02 again I can not recommend it over Maxell or Verbatim.
Seeing Maxell BQ performing better on all levels as TYG02 and seeing verbatim performing better when it comes to stability, compatability, scratch resistant, bonding quality in most cases. TYG02 might then have the advantage of initial burn quality but initial burn quality vs the other things doesn’t make it a clear winner.

TYG03 by book is 16X, not 8X. 8X TY are T002 and TYG02 only, no more or less.

Yeah, they make coffee too (Maxwell House) :bigsmile:

Regarding Maxell MIJ…it’s impossible to find here in the UK now, all been replaced by Ritek.

As for other manufacturers/brands, I’m happy with my Verb MCC004 (wherever it’s made) and TY T02s and TYG03s (Panasonic for the latter).

I’m one of the losers that goes for Maxell 16x media made in Taiwan…so far, I keep getting Prodiscs for DVD-R and CMC for DVD+R. The Prodiscs have been fairly problematic for me, but the CMC have been very good for me. As of late, if I want MIJ, I’m “stuck” with 16x Sony, 8x Panny, 8x Sony +R from Sears, or–if you can even count this–Memorex’s Taiwanese RICOH media. The last time I found MIJ Maxell [MXL RG03 DVD-R] was at Sears about 3 months ago. The +R was 16x Taiwanese CMC, I believe.

I buy a fair bit of Maxell MIT 16x media, too. The +Rs here are usually RICOHJPN R03, which my LG and Sammy quite like.

No problems playing it back in standalones either. :slight_smile:

I still have a small stash of MIJ MAXELL003 (16x +R) and YUDEN000 T01/TYG01 (Maxell branded), but I’m saving those :slight_smile:

Did someone say Maxwell?

I gotta get me some of those :bow: (they’re pretty colours as well!)


It’s the MIJ -Rs that have bonding issues (MXL RG03). The +Rs (MAXELL 002) don’t exhibit the same problem, or at least, not to the same degree.

I can get a hold of Maxell 16X DVD+R MIJ (maxell003) here in my hometown, in Sweden though :-]

I usually make sure I’ve got a few at home, they burn great, always!


:disagree: TY -R “Value line” sold as 8X can be TYG03. This is what [B]Dakhaas [/B]was referring to. Ever heard of downgraded product because it didn’t pass quality control for its originally intended use?

Anyway, I can tell you that the man knows his stuff, he’s probably the most knowledgable poster on this board concerning the media market. If you want to teach him a lesson, you’ll have to do some homework first. :rolleyes: (like learning to spell “Maxell” correctly :bigsmile: )

As for the MIJ Maxells, it’s been quite a long time I don’t see anymore of them in Europe, to my dismay. :frowning: - Hey, lucky swedish guys! :bigsmile:

I don’t think geekrule was trying to teach dakhaas a lesson.

TY’s “value line” and what exactly that term means isn’t really obvious. :wink: