Maxell DVD+R MIJ or Verbatim DVD+R MIT?

I’ve been usung the Maxells for sometime now with no problems but Future Shop has the Verbatims on sale for $35.99 for 100. Should I wait until the Maxells go on sale or snap up the Verbatims now?


You should get the Verbatims.

Get the Verbatims, but make sure you get the CMC made stock. On CMC cakeboxes, the OPEN/LOCK on the top of the cakebox is in a serif font, whereas Prodisc cakeboxes have OPEN/LOCK in a more standard arial font. I have very little faith in Prodisc at this point.

I assume you’re talking about this deal, and if so you may be interested to know that you can pricematch @ Staples and and get the price down to ~$27 :slight_smile:

I dunno…I just got pack of verbatims…and they have factory dirt and scratches right out of the spindle…this pack at least has had no QA what so ever!! :lol…

I usually get Sonys or Fujis…and these are usually clean and with absolutely no

dust contamination…