Maxell DVD-R MIJ in Canada?



Anyone know wether Maxell DVD-Rs MIJ are available anywhere in Canada?



just go to the local store and look at the lable. I was at office depot yesterday and the Maxell was mixed MIJ & MIT.


I spent most of Saturday morning looking for Fuji and Maxell MIJ in Best Buy and Future Shop, all I found were MIT. Didn’t make it to Office Depot or Staples though.


You can check your local walmart. I saw Maxell DVD-R that are MIJ last week, but they are the 15 pack one ($11.98cad) and they are max 4X. I think all the 8X ones are MIT.


It depends. My local Wal-Mart has 8X Maxell DVD-R that are MIJ. (jewel and spindle) I guess you have to be VERY careful when buying from them…I have several Wal-Mart stores in my area, only 2 store still sell MIJ Maxell DVD-R. I’m glad I’ve stock up before they switched to taiwanese production. :bigsmile:


All of the Maxell hub printable DVD products I’ve seen at my local Super Wal-Mart are MiJ.


I’ve just found in wal-mart Maxell MIJ 8x DVD+R in spindle of 15-pack for $12CDN + TAX. They had a lot of other Maxell DVDs in different packaging but it was all MIT. Do you beleive these Japanees Maxell are made by TY?


^Nope, Maxell themselves (the Japanese stuff). Maxell 003 MID IIRC…


^Nope, Maxell 002. :stuck_out_tongue:


May be it will just help to someone:
I’ve bought in Toronto Wal-mart Maxell 8x DVD+R in 15pk spindle. I’ve seen on the shelf both MIT and MIJ looking exactly the same.
So, I bought the one carrying MIJ and I checked MID at home:
It was Hitachi Maxell 002 that proves they are made in Japan. I know someone bought the same package in other walmart and it was MIT despite information on the package.


Oops… my bad… sorry :wink: