Maxell DVD+R lead code?

I used to get these Maxell discs which were Tayio Yuden. Now they have changed and the lead code is Maxell002. Are these any good? Anyone tried these? I never knew of any discs that had a Maxell002 lead code before. Anyone got any scans?

These discs are excellent! I will post a couple of scans when I get a chance.

Asid, do the discs you bought have a stack ring or is the top surface totally smooth?

Top surface is completely smooth. stack ring at the bottom side of the disc. Why you ask? Does that tell anything about them?

It seems that Maxell has different production lines (different factories maybe?) and in my experience Maxell discs with stack rings and inner hub serials like P3BE244B for +R and M5FA314A for -R are better than the discs with a smooth surface and inner hub serials like N121GK164L1609686. I had an entire poor batch of MXLRG03 that had the smooth surface and long serial numbers. I probably got maybe 3 discs or so out of 50 that actually burned at 8x; the rest either dropped to 6x or simply failed early in the burn. Never had any problems with the Apple-branded MXLRG03 which have the stack ring and the shorter Mxxxxxx serials. Same with MAXELL002; last spindle I had was spotty; some would burn at 12x but some would drop to 6x. Again these were discs with no stack ring and long serial. I’ve never experienced such problems with the Maxell HG 8x DVD+Rs (no stack ring but short Pxxxxx serials).