Maxell dvd+r high grade 8x?



i just bought maxells dvd+r 8x high grades at walmart and i was just wonderin if they are good blank media the price was 6.97 for a 5 pack of em, they are suppose to be 40% more scratch resistance
help please :cool:


What’s the media code of those maxells?
And are they Made in Japan or is no country of origin indicated?


I bought a pack. They are MAXELL002 made in Japan.


Thus excellent media. :cool:


If they are MIJ Maxell media they should be very good =)
Sucks that we don’t get media like this over here in Europe.


Absolutely good media :iagree:…I’ve been lucky enough to pick up a few packs myself here in England - my LGs love them :bigsmile:


And no BONDING problems like the consumer-grade 8x MIJs?

How do these compare to the BQs?