Maxell dvd-r colour


Has anyone here tested these Maxell DVD-Rs? Are they Made in Japan? They are sold as “MAXELL DVD-R MEDIA 4.7 4X COLOUR 5-PACK” Don’t want any crap from Taiwan or so :slight_smile:


i dont know, correct me if i’m wrong
but i believe the top label layer is only color…

I believe he is referring to the dye color?
I’ve seen a Maxell disc before that was bluish in color.
Maxell made in Japan discs are EXCELLENT quality!

I’ve used the DVD+R version and they were made by Taiyo Yuden. I think TY makes the DVD-Rs too.

ok. thanks for the info guys. how about these disc then?

they sell them at Anyone bought from them?

I’m kinda new to dvd-media, and want to be sure I’m not buying crap.