Maxell DVD-R BQ (Broadcast Quality)

Does anyone have experience with Maxell’s DVD-R BQ discs?

I’d appreciate people’s thoughts.

“DVD-R Broadcast Quality 8x is a high performance disc that provides top performance for a wide range of multimedia applications. The DVD-R Broadcast Quality DVD employs Maxell’s new MAXPRO Hardcoat Technologyâ„¢. This new technology provides a hardcoat that is scratch resistant and dust and fingerprint repellent. The DVD-R Broadcast Quality discs have an archival and shelf life that is up to 2 times longer than Standard DVD’s and also provide anti-static properties which are 20 times more effective. Maxell’s DVD-R Broadcast Quality offers a long archival life, a high rate of compatibility and is backed up by a lifetime warranty.”

Simply sounds like the Maxell version of what TDK did years ago, the scratch resistant surface. I’m sure the media burns fine like all other MXL discs, just more resilient to use and abuse.


Also, I believe all the BQ and Pro stuff is made in Japan.