Maxell DVD+R 8x New? Packaging

Nice one, MegaDETH :slight_smile:

Hmm… I guess it’s time to start a “What’s TY and what’s not TY” thread. :iagree:

on a serious note, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm cake

No love today.

The 2 packs they had of that style were gone :frowning:

DOH!! :frowning:

I was so looking forward to hearing you got something good!

I should have been more a a CD Freak and bought them on the spot…

What was a thinking!?

^For that mistake, you are sentenced to 2 months in purgatory… or worse… the next discs you buy will end up having a PRINCO MID…


win some, lose some - better luck next time!


I know I’d have snapped up at least one spindle…but then I’m the curious type :bigsmile: