Maxell DVD+R 8x New? Packaging

When I was at Walmart yesterday checking for Sony 8x DVD+R’s I noticed they had Maxell’s DVD+R 8x that almost looked like TY cake packs.

I couldn’t find a picture of them but the look like these Verbatim cake packs.
They also had a Sticker on the side saying Made in Japan that was over where the usual “Made in” print is.

Maybe this is old news and I missed it, I don’t know.

I would have bought one, being the curious person that I am :bigsmile:

But then, the sticker thing sounds a bit suspicious…

I think I may grab one but I am going to wait so I can price match the Sony’s that go on sale at Best Buy Sunday.

Maxell has had a history of faking and hiding media origin.
I have once bought jewel-case 8x +R which was MAXELL media and said “Made in Japan”, but other jewel cases didn’t mention any country of origin, and that’s fishy.
Some 25 pieces 8x -R, labeled “Made in Japan”, turned out to be Ritek G05.
A few weeks ago, I saw a Maxell 25 pieces 8x +R cakebox, which said “Made in Japan”, but in small letters, in Hungarian, it said “szármászi ország: Tajvan”. Media doesn’t automagically become better because it’s packaged in Japan.

What does “almost” mean? If it’s about the shrinkwrap: TY cakeboxes don’t necessarily have printed shrinkwrap, my TDK 25 pieces 16x DVD+R had clear shrinkwrap and a paper cylinder inside.

But if they are TY style cakebox I would still buy one, despite the TY cakebox style being faked by companies like BestMedia/Platinum.

Could it be TY or would it be Maxells media?

With both you’ve there great media.

I’ll say. I’d be happy with either :iagree:

Maxell 8x (+R, MAXELL002) burns as well as T02 on my LG :slight_smile:

I can concur with kg_evilboy: Maxell Europe (in UK) doesn’t appear to be very good at label-control. I have a 50pc cakebox +R 8x shrink-wrapped with “Made in Japan” film (no stick-on labels - remember reading here that Maxell US used these to change the Country of Origin) that’s actually RitekR03…

But I bet the one’s at Walmart are Maxell002’s (look at the picture posted on Videohelp for these - same type of cakebox).

Here’s the pic. (if I’m doing this right)

Agree with kg_evilboy and Cressida. The same thing happened to me - bought a 50 spindle of Maxell DVD+R discs with a “Made in Japan” label at a local retailer here in Germany, but I got Ritek R03s instead of MAXELL 002s or YUDEN000 T03s even.

Fortunately though, the discs burn exceptionally well in my BenQ DW1650 (click). Can’t say anything about longlivety yet though.

Yeah, as mentioned in a few threads before this one, Maxell 8x +R media in the UK in spindles have no COO, and are Ritek R03. 5-pc jewel cased shrinkwrapped packs, stated as MIJ, were also R03.

My LGs hate them, but they burn well enough on my 1693S.

Well, on closer inspection that shows a 4x speed 25pc cakebox with T01’s.

Back to square #1 then. T02 or 002’s, take your pick.

The 4x speed Maxells are most likely YUDEN000 T01… I have bought two shrinkwrapped packs of 5 slimcase 4x Maxell DVD+R and they were TY.
Some newer LGs will hate them though.

The cakebox looks… pretty much okay. But never trust a photo on the net.

I managed to get two cardboard-boxed 5-packs of those. Hope my 4163B burns them well, haven’t tried them on it yet (waiting for a good excuse to burn them!).

T01 should burn fine on a 4163B. I’ve run several batches through mine with nice burn quality. The only LG writer known to have problems with 4x TY media is the 4167B, and only with TYG01. Nobody has tested T01s on that drive.

@Arachne (sorry for off-topic)
No miracles, but those old 4x discs rarely disappoint. First was done on a Pio 109, second on a Plex 712.

Go on, MegaDETH - be the first to find out there’s also Maxell TY T02’s around.

Cheers…maybe when I next get access to the 4167B (it’s in my mum’s PC), I can test those T01s on it :slight_smile:

Nice scans, Cressida! :iagree: :clap:

I too am dying to see what MegaDETH ends up with, should he buy a spindle :iagree:

Edit: Sorry for the OT :flower:

Speaking of TY cakeboxes, here in Canada, all the new Maxell 16X DVD-R 50pk cakeboxes are in TY cakebox clones, with “Maxell” engraved on the top. Unfortunately, they’re all PRODISCF02! :sad:

OK Monday I will grab a 50 cake pack :slight_smile:

Good luck! The shrink-wrap over there probably doesn’t look anything like what we get here, but with the wider based tub and MIJ-sticker, your odds should be better than average to get TY :slight_smile: .