Maxell DVD+R 8x Made in Japan?

I picked up a 25 spindle at RiteAid, they are in a purple plastic wrap. There were a good number of them, some–but not all–had a “Made in Japan” sticker over the “Made in Taiwan” that is under the UPC Code. Would these by TY?

I plan on burning with my yet to be delivered Benq DW1655, as recommended by this site, would these be good enough? Also, the Toshiba SD3980 DVD player does not officially say it supports DVD+R (only -R), what are the chances that backups to my DVD movies would work on this player?

Maxell 8x DVD+R made in Japan should be MAXELL002.

but are they any good? I’m about to go shopping for some blanks, and I know they have some Maxell cakeboxes, should I get some? they’re double the price of the Benq 8x DVD-Rs…