Maxell DVD-R 5 Pack MIJ Very Dissapointed!

Just got what I thought was a 5 pack of Maxell MIJ DVD-Rs from London Drugs (Canada).

Get home, tried all of them in DVDInfo and guess what, all turned out to be Ritek G05s!

Needless to say they’ll be returned to LD tomorrow!

Anyone else had this happen to them?

You have no idea how sorry I feel for you :smiley: I would have lost it :slight_smile: One would expect that the smaller packs are quality media. Actually now that you mention it, you did say the -R… Did you buy them online or in person ? Did you look at the “MADE IN” sticker ? I have not had any issues with Ritek based Maxells in the +R side, I don’t know about -R, but maybe you should burn one and scan it before returning it, my experience with Maxell has been good and from what I’ve seen, their Ritek based media scan much better than say other Ritek based brands out there.

You will be lucky if you can return it and get a refund as most stores don’t have a bloody clue what media codes are…they think Maxell is Maxell - even the clueless tosspots who answer the tech support lines at Maxell don’t know what a media code is, go figure :slight_smile:

I’m just wondering if Maxell just forgot to put a MIT sticker over the MIJ !

If the the packaging says MIJ and the MID is Ritek, yeah, they forgot to put the MIT sticker on. That’s grounds for returning IMO… but good luck explaining that to the returns lady! :stuck_out_tongue: