Are these so far only showing up as MIJ?

If they are made somewhere else anyone know the media code?

I can get a 100 spindle for $40 shipped.

edit: Media made in Taiwan looks like PHILIPS.C16 hmmm


So far all the spindles are MIT AFAIK, which I think are PRODISCR05. It’s only the old 16X DVD+Rs that are PHILIPSC16, I believe.

It seems like at least some of the small jewel cased packs are MIJ (MAXELL003) which is VERY good media!


I noticed that here in the UK, with MAXELL002 - it was only the cardboard-packaged 5-packs in jewel cases that were MIJ.

With the 5-packs of 4x Maxells, I was lucky enough to get YUDEN000 T01 (found some old stock a couple of weeks ago in an electrical store!).

So it’s looking like the 16x MIJ media is packaged similiarly - good to know! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replys, I will wait until they become locally avaliable then.

Someone on this forum said towards the end of this month I think it was Office Max was
going to have them and on sale.


Maxell sent to me:
5 pak - singles in jewel case MIT = PHILIPSC16
5 pak - singles in jewel case MIJ = MAXELL003

The MAXELL003 is by far the superior media of the two.


I got RICOHJPN R03 when I picked up a 5 pack in DVD-style cases locally.


Were those cardboard-packaged or shrinkwrapped? I ask because, with the 8x discs at least, the shrinkwrapped ones tend to be the non-Maxell variety (i.e Ritek for 8x).


These were shrinkwrapped. I tried the RITEK R03 Maxell’s in jewel cases, and boy were they bad. One had a manufacturing defect, and all but 2 out of 5 showed very high PIF’s at the end. The RICOHJPN R03’s aren’t much better, my 3540 slowing the write process very early on.


Have a look for the 5-packs in cardboard packaging ;)…and I too have had bad results with the Ritek R03’s - got my very first coasters ever on my LG 4163B with those. Shame, I bought a spindle of them too - good job my Litey will burn them, so they’re good “buddy discs” :slight_smile:


Unfortunately they’re all shrinkwrapped, and there are no cardboard packaged ones that I can find :rolleyes:. I did manage, by sheer luck, to get a 5 pack of Maxell MXL RG03’s when I picked up a cardboard package of 5 jewel cased discs (last ones there tucked away right at the back of the shelf, and boy am I glad I looked, all the rest were G05 :Z) and they are fantastic. What a pity Maxell outsource.


Yeah, the shrinkwrapped ones are pretty much everywhere these days. I managed to pick up one cardboard box of MAXELL002s in my local ASDA (the rest were, and still are, the shrinkwrapped ones (G05 :Z and R03)), and the YUDEN000 T01s I mentioned were found in Currys - old stock, I’m guessing.

I agree, it’s a shame they outsource :frowning:


I think you’re thinking of Fuji.

#13 have 16x DVD+R in stock which they say has the media code MPOMEDIA 040

I have had 3 spindles in recent months of their 25s DVD+R 8x all of which has been MAXELL 002. The 8x DVD-R spindles were all G05 though.


I’ve also used the YUDEN000 T01’s, also Maxell branded, and are still going strong with no probs - my first introduction to Taiyo Yuden :cool:


My first intro to TY was Panasonic-branded TYG01s…at the time, I didn’t know about media codes etc, and gave some of them away to the guy upstairs :doh:…those are still going strong though, too - well, the ones I kept :bigsmile:


That would be a error.
a not so good supported 4x code on 16x media. Not likely !!


I also found Maxell in cardboard packaging at a Curry’s store and bought them, but they were RITEK G04 :doh: - oh well, at least I can test how well my 3540 works with the 1.04 firmware with them :iagree:

I also bought a 5 pk of 16x dvd-r Maxell’s today, and they were RITEKF1, although I think I will use these for something useful - and scan them every week :wink:

I must say that Verbatim 16x and TY have never ever ever given me a problem, so I think its bye-bye Maxell unless I find some MIJ packs :frowning:


Actually, I’m not. I’m fairly sure I’ve heard reports of PRODISCR05 in MIT Maxell 16X DVD+Rs here in Canada.


Whoa…cardboard packaging, and they were Ritek? Lucky for me, I’m not a -R girl, I like +Rs…whew!

Yeah, the only Maxell I buy are the ones I’m pretty certain are proper MIJ (I say “proper” because the Ritek G05 ones were labelled MIJ, too). :slight_smile:


I know, I learnt the hard way :a. Interestingly, the 16x RITEKF1’s jewel cases have no country of origin on them.