Maxell DVD+R 002 8x on PX716

Just bought a bunch of these and tried a test burn at 12x (with firmware 1.06).

Here’s the resulting scan:

Errors peaking at 500 or so.

Is this normal??? It looks bloody awful to me! I know is 8x media, but others have reported good 12x burns with these.


I haven’t had good results with Maxell002 lately either, on ANY of my burners. I think Maxell is just putting out crap these days, though I’ve found the High-Grade discs (found in 3-packs in DVD cases at Wal-Mart) to be of higher quality than the regular retail spindles.

I just did a test burn and here are the results. Know that you aren’t alone, my brother :a

Still, your results are a lot better than mine. What drive / firmware did you burn that with?

FWIW, here mine burnt at 8x.

Not exactly brilliant, but acceptable, I suppose.

Please may I ask, what’s your preferred media for this drive?



That was burned with PX-716A fw 1.06 at speed 12. Preferred media you say? I’d probably have to answer Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R. I’ve also gotten great results with Verbatim 8x DVD-R. Both of our drives seem to have a problem with reading extremely high errors right at the beginning of the disc. What TLA# is your drive, if you know? Mine is 0304.

TLA? I don’t know. Is that the week of manufacture or something? How would I find out?

Also, I wonder why your burn with same drive and the same firmware and the same media, is so much better than mine?

Thanks for your recommendations on preferred media, but I’d rather stick with +R’s myself.



TLA is top level assembly, basically the hardware revision. If you still have the box your drive came in, it’s printed on a label on the top of the box; otherwise you’d have to look at the lable on the top of the drive itself. Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R should perform just fine with the drive.

Two Degrees, your burn on Maxell002 is very good in my book.

I haven’t test it with 1.06, but with 1.04 is great.

Well for what its worth, I flashed back to 1.05 to see if that was any better. (I can’t say I have been very impressed with 1.06, especially with respect to compatibility with my DVD player.)

Anyway, 1.05 was even worse! I gave up scanning because it was so bad.

Looks like the media is really crap.


Did you try a 4x burn yet ?

4x ? No, I haven’t. Having to burn 8x media in a 16x drive at 4x to get a decent quality burn, seems completely unacceptable. I will test it to see how it comes out though.



Just repeating what a lot of other have already said, but the recent Maxell002 100 pack I bought was junk. I tried them on my benq, plextor, and nec. My biggest problem was really PIE (up to 100 at 8x) and high PIF spikes with 4 times the PIF errors than I accustomed to. I am normally a 10 and under PIE guy…Ended up returning a 100 and 50 pack for some Fujo TY02.


I posted about this media about 2 weeks ago, no one had anything to say about it. I think I had one reply.

There is something very wrong with Plex Tools and Maxell 02 media. I recently purchased a Benq for my sons machine, $44.99 delivered from Cali to Ga, so I couldnt pass it up and didnt want to fork over $100.00 for another Plextor. I found something very wrong when scanning the very same disk in the Benq 1620A and CD Speed. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Maxell DVD+R 8x @8x PIE

Maxell DVD+R 8x @8x PIF

NOW very same disk.

FWIW here’s the same media (Maxell DVD+2 002 8x) burnt with the new 1.07 firmware:

i.e. still CRAP. Different crap, admittedly. But crap nevertheless.


Chippy, run a PIF (SUM1) test on this same disk and post please. I thought the very same when burning this media with my 716A until I ran around the house and behold, it played in every player I have. Not just played, but played flawless. This is what lead me to run the same disk through the Benq 1620 and CDSpeed. Well look at my last post and tell me if Plextools likes this media or not. I will not trust Plextools and Maxell 002 media.

crankydan, understand that PI/PO scans just reveal how one drive can read one particular disc. No one is lying, PlexTools just displays what the drive is reporting. It seems that the BenQ likes the Maxell discs better than the Plextor drive but the BenQ has always been known to be friendly towards media.

OK, here’s the PIF scan. I am a complete newbie at this, so I don’t really know what this means, but it doesn’t look too pretty to me.

Having seen some of the spectacularly good burns being done on the Benq forum, I am wondering whether perhaps I should have bought a DW1620 instead. Especically considering it’s half the price of the PX-716A!

I ordered some Fuji branded Taiyo Yuden 8x media yesterday. Let’s hope I get better results with that.


Gamefreak, I didnt mean to say that anyone was lying, if it came across that way then I am sorry. I understand that the PIE and PIF is handled by the drive logic and is simply a sign of record quality. Here is the part that I dont understand, both drives look for parity errors in the same manner and there should not be such a large difference between two drives and the same disk. I didnt think that Chippy would get the PIF results that he did, but I was only going off of my experience. I do know one thing for sure, my plextor doesnt like this media and my Benq does. A bonus of having one of each I guess. Now, lets talk about my Benq Chippy, for some strange reason it doesnt like TYG01 disk, wont burn above 4x (without hacked firmware, which I will not use). Every TYG01 disk that I burn with it will not play in my Sony DAV-C450 player, it tells me that the disk is dirty code 13, go figure.

I am pretty sure you will like the Fuji TYudens.

Hey Crankydan,

No need for any apology - at least not from my standpoint. I never assumed you were calling me a liar and it didn’t come across that way to me.

And thanks for the encouragement on the Fuji Taiyo Yudens. I hope so - I ordered 100 of them!



Maxell MIJ +8XR burns fine in my 716 and 3500(hacked fw)at 12x. Don’t try 16x! TY002 MIJ +R8X at 16X is perfect!