Maxell DVD Media

Can anyone here tell me a bit more about Maxell DVD-R and DVD-RW media?

Someone posted this about a week ago:

Very useful for someone like me (who prefers to buy blank media from physical retailers) but notice how there isn’t any Maxell DVD media in that list.

I’m assuming that there are lots of people here who have used Maxell media before and seeing as Maxell DVD-R discs are pretty much available everywhere in my area, I’d like to know what steps I need to take in order to avoid the fake Maxells and how I can identify genuine Maxells. I already realise that genuine Maxell DVD media (the very good quality ones) usually consist of a media code of MAXELL003 or MXLRG03 etc. But the problem is identifying them before I buy them.

I know that Argos sell them, Currys and PC World sell them from time to time too. I’d usually just ignore any Maxells I come across in the shops thinking that they’re fake. So I’d appreciate your tips on how to identify the genuine ones. Pictures would also be appreciated.

You can buy the genuine Maxells in Asda, PC World, Curry’s…they’re usually in a 5-pack, in jewel cases. Look for the cardboard-boxed ones, and make sure they say “Made in Japan” in small text on the back, near the bottom.

Shrinkwrapped packs, and some cardboard boxed ones (for 16x) are either Ritek or RICOHJPN.

The 16x spindles (at least, the ones in Asda) have no country of origin on them…I believe they’re RICOHJPN R03.

Can’t provide a pic at this minute, 'cos my camera’s not charged up :frowning:

But if you can find the MIJ 16x Maxells, they’re excellent media :slight_smile:

Be careful. Sometimes made in Japan Maxell can reveal a bad surprise: I bought a couple of these discs, made in Japan clearly written in the box, but these were actually Ritek media :sad:

Yeah, that happened over here with the shrinkwrapped 8x discs. That’s why I said “go for the cardboard boxed ones if they say MIJ” - bought loads of the 16x +R, they’re definitely real :slight_smile:

I must confess that until now I never saw 16x rated Maxell media in stores, but if I find I’ll buy one to try it :iagree:

…only if it’s MIJ, Geno :wink:

yes, obviously :bigsmile:

What about the -RWs? Are there any particular ones I should avoid?

I never used Maxell RWs. Only RWs I’d use would be Verbatim.

RWs should be Ritek, Ricoh or Philips (041).

Ive havnt used Ritek RW media before, i have had partial success with Ricoh RW media. And i have only recieved excellent results with Philips 041 media… Especially on my LG (PIF total under 100).

Well, I’ve just got me some Maxell DVD-RWs from

The discs shown in the picture above are not the actual discs supplied. These are the actual discs supplied when you add the Maxells above to the Amazon trolley:

These have a Media Code of RITEKW01. And note that it has no country of origin (Made in “” etc.) on the box.

The media ratings at are generally good for this media although, there are some mixed responses to console and DVD reliability.

I saved £4.98 by buying these from Amazon instead of Argos. £2.01 for a 5 pack means that 1 disc costs just over 40p. Not a bad deal if I do say so myself. :slight_smile: