Maxell cdr Pro

found some Maxell cdrPro in a 25 disc cakebox made in Japan.Are they as good as Fuji’s Made in Japan? Burn one disc. No problems. Noticed there are tiny scratches on a lot of the blank discs. Will they posed a problem? Use Plextools and Nero 6 to find out origin of disc. Turns out to be Taiyo Yuden type 1 disc. Presently using Plextor Premium fw1.06 and Nero 6. I did some research on these and it turns out some like them and some don’t. If they are good, I would buy some more.

Maxell CD-R Pro should be better than nearly any other Taiyo Yuden CD-R because of the scratch resistant coating on top that may also help with lifespan. As far as scratches go, it’s hard to say what effect they may have. If they are just surface scratches and not very numerous, they may have very little effect. Could you run a C1/C2 scan with your Plextor Premium?

My C1/C2 test shows as follows:Using Plextools.

Avg/Sec C1 1.0 C2 0.0

Max/Sec C1 17.0 C2 0.0

Total C1 4522.0 C2 0.0

Can someone decipher this for me? I’ve never used this feature before on my Plextor Premium.

^Nice scan… 1 avg C1 is excellent. 0 C2 is good too… thumb rule - zero C2 and <=1 C1 errors - beautiful burn.

I always use these - more durable than regular TYs, excellent scans all the time.