Maxell CD-Rpro vs. Fujifilm Colour MIJ

Today I found a store near me selling spindles of 30 and 50 Fujifilm CD-Rs (the ones that come in 5 or 6 alternating colours) that are marked MIJ… and I’m assuming these are TY (correct me if I’m wrong). I was just wondering how these compare to the Maxell CD-Rpro, which I know are also TY.

Are they basically identical? The packaging for the Maxell CDs boast a triple-coated scratch protecting layer, or something like that… is that a feature of the Maxell-specific TYs, or is it common to all TY, just not mentioned on the Fuji packaging.

I’m hoping they’re both equally good so I can just buy the Fuji, which are considerably cheaper (16.99 CDN for the spindle of 50 compared to 19.95 CDN for a 25-spindle). The only mildy irritating thing is the annoying design on the label side of the Fuji discs… but I think I can live with that for simple backups of my CDs.

I have never used Maxell Pro CD-R but I think the Maxells’ top layer might indeed be stronger.
But the burn quality should be the same. If you take care (and I’m sure you do), the Fuji will be ok too :slight_smile:

The Maxells are definitely better, and the protective surface is definitely worth something. IMO they’re the best CD-Rs available outside of Japan. The Fujis are still good, so it’s really up to you to decide whether you can justify the Maxell Pro price.

By the way, you better tip the rest of us Canadians where you’re find those MIJ Fuji TY CD-Rs so cheap :stuck_out_tongue:

I would avoid FUJI altogether. Poor quality control.

I have about 6 remaining boxes of Maxell CD-RPro that are unused (they are not printable) but they are EXCELLENT discs for CD AUDIO, they are authentic taiyo yuden, but the added characteristics are that of Maxell and not representative of all TYs, in fact the Maxell CD-RPro are by far better than the unbranded TY CD-R being sold now.

I found them at a small, independant half-convenience, half-small electronics store in Toronto on Yonge St. They sell imported stuff, products they’ve acquired cheaply from other businesses/stores going out of business… that kinda place. This particular packaging option (50 and 30-disc spindles) isn’t listed on the Canadian Fujifilm site as options their “colours” brand of disc is available in here… so I’m assuming it’s an import from somewhere.

That’s basically what I thought. I’ll probably pick up some of both… and use the Fuji for casual burning and the Maxell for permanent backups I want to keep around for a while.