Maxell CD-R White Matte Surface Peeling and Bubbling

Hi, I am new to this forum. I work for a software company and we send out hundreds of CD’s a month. Within the last month we have had many of our Maxell White Matte Surface Printable CD’s bubbling and pealing on the surface.
I have not found anyone else having this problem. My only idea is that it was extremely cold when they were shipped - but that is only a best guess.
Has anyone had this problem or heard of it?

That’s a new one. You mean they are that way right out of the spindle?
Yuk. I suppose moisture would do that in some cases. Maybe time to change brands?

Not sure what type of prices you are getting, or the amount you buy, but I would visit and talk to those nice folks about ordering some Taiyo Yuden printables. They might quote you a bulk price. The Maxell is probably Ritek media, Rima sells that too, as well as Verbatim. Ritek would be my last choice.

Actually they have not peeled right out of the spindle. It’s after they have been printed stuffed into mailers and shipped. We are getting calls from customers that the CD’s have peeled. We did use the TY CD’s for a while years ago and they ended up giving us the same problem.

Never heard of that. What are those people doing to these discs? :wink:

Are you putting them into the mailers while still not dry? What type of printers and ink?

If it’s a moisture problem, and you don’t mind charging your customers for the better discs, try out some of the TY Watershield discs, they are beautiful when printed.

I’m curious about something - you work for a SOFTWARE company and you are talking about recordable CDs ? Don’t software companies use pressed DVDs / CDs ? It’s very unusual for a software company to send their products on CD-R or DVD R, unless it is sending out counterfeit software (now I’m not saying you do).

IMO, avoid maxell - They have gone down hill in terms of quality, both CD and DVD, and even with their so-called PLUS series I am far from impressed. If you have to use printable discs use Taiyo Yudens or Verbs - I have never ever had a problem with a printable surface of a disc peeling or bubbling that is unusual.

Hi [B]BORSH_YADA[/B], welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

There can be plenty of reasons for using recordable media instead of pressed media. Please don’t jump to any conclusions and start accusing other users of doing something illegal. :wink:

Wow greg42 - Without delving too much into what we do, we send out many updates a month on custom software. Sometimes as few as 50 customers for a certain software package. So to send the CD’s to duplication for just 50 does not make any sense, not to mention it is much more expensive. So no, we are not doing anything illegal. Now we do send out larger updates per month 10,000 or so and we do send those off to duplication.

We did use Taiyo Yudens about 3 years ago and started having the same problem. So we switched to Imation - never had a problem. Then Imations were special order and more expensive so 2 years ago we made the decision to go to Maxell CD’s. Never had a problem until this last shipment of CD’s. Now it was anywhere from -10 to 4 degrees outside. And the places that seem to have the problem it was anywhere from 50-75 degrees in their location. It also seems to be isolated to a couple of regions - not all of the disc’s bubbled and peeled. But a lot of them did.

There is a batch of CD’s that were burned, printed and seeled all in the same day - so it’s possible the ink was not 100% dry.

I did a test of my own burned, printed sealed in the same day. Then went from extreme cold about 20% humidity to 70 degrees 60% humidity and could not get the CD’s to peel or bubble.

It is so incredibly unusual - I cannot find anyone who has had this problem. We will most likely be switching CD’s, but I am trying to find some concrete evidence to argue my case to switch.

We use a Signature Pro Z6 printer and Signature Pro Cartridges.

Just an update for anyone who is following this. We received one of the CD’s back and it looks as though it may have been bent a little in the package or pressure applied to 1 part during the mailing process. The CD is bubbled and peeling in a 1 inch line all the way across 1 part of the CD.
Found a CD from the same batch and I applied a little pressure and bent it slightly (like it may get handled in the mail within our mailers) and right away it cracked and peeled the surface of the CD. Maxell’s from another batch I have here won’t crack and peel when the same test is applied.

It’s really helpful if you identify the media maker, as Maxell switches makers a lot. That may also help identify a difference between the batches you mention. If you need a utility to ID the discs, CDSpeed is a free download, as are several others.

Best way to sell a switch in media is to get a better price. Barring that, you’ll find that TY discs will yield the most consistent quality, as it’s always made in the same place by the same people.

You should also look into CD packaging that will not bend.

Hi, I’m new to this forum also and I am having a problem with labels bubbling. I am burning cd’s and am using cd stomper labels. I apply them and within minutes they start to bubble. I have repressed them and within minutes they start again. Any ideas how I can stop the bubbling?
Thanks for your help.

[quote=rfarrell;2119693]Hi, I’m new to this forum[/quote] Welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

I am burning cd’s and am using cd stomper labels. I apply them and within minutes they start to bubble. I have repressed them and within minutes they start again. Any ideas how I can stop the bubbling?
I don’t know how you can stop the bubbling, but I strongly recommend against using stick-on paper labels on CD and DVD media.

Have a look in this thread in our Blank Media forum:

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