Maxell CD-R Made By Ritek

What’s the verdict on these cd-rs?


Decent on my 52327S.

No complaints here…used many.

They are one of the best for burn quality on many DVD burners, better than TY in some cases. Although, the differences are small.

I would say from experiences they have mixed results. According to cdmedia world there were issues with ritek based CD-R. If you want top quality discs that will outlast you and want to keep important archives for longterm or audio I would use the Maxell CD-R Pro, those are of excellent quality and use Taiyo Yuden dyes…They come in jewel cases and I get them in packs of 10 and so far I have not found one defective one… Of course those are not printable. As to RITEK, Maxell is the brand I use the most, and other than the Maxell CD-R Pro, my regular Maxells are Riteks and I have not had problems with them so far. I also have some Prodisc diamond CD-R silver and those give outstanding error rates, I’d say probably equal if not sometimes better than TY.

I find that my LITEON 1633 burns CD-R extremely well and with excellent quality…and it usually burns every type of CD-R I “throw” at it :slight_smile: I wish it could be that simple for DVDs :smiley:

Is it just me or do I notice that the discs that come in packs of 10 in jewel cases are of better quality than those bought in spindles. If you buy in spindlse of 50 and 100 you are taking chances really.

Again as said many times RITEK is a gamble…when you end up with crap, it’s major crap :slight_smile: When you end up with a good batch, it’s pretty damn good, but this class of media might not last as long.

I’ve used lots of the printable ones and got very good results. :slight_smile:

How is “RiDATA” CD-R quality? Are they as good as Maxell Ritek? I have local versions: one in spindle, green packaging; the other one is of red cake-looking.

Ritek CDRs production doesn’t have all the problems associated with their recent DVDR (-R) production.

I’ve bought lots of the cheapest Ritek CDRs available and they all worked great.
Now the question is how long will these live… :bigsmile:

Ridata discs should be fine.

Where do you get the maxell CD-R printables ? I have not found those. I only can get the Maxell DVD+R printable in packages of 15, (never actually purchased one yet) and have no clue as to what media code they use, my bet is Maxell’s own dye. :slight_smile:

as to RIDATA, you really like those ? I find that the RIDATA RITEKR03 have very marginal scans, a very high PI total, but a very low PIF total and max…compared to RITEKR03 from Maxell which has a very low PI max and total but slightly higher PIF totals :slight_smile: Go figure… Have you ever used the printable RIDATA DVD+R ? The surface is amazing, it’s very smooth to the touch - I wish the media quality was as good as the Grade A printable surface :slight_smile: I must say that none of my RIDATA had dye defects and none of them skipped on my fussy DVD players, BUT you and many others here reported that RITEK is crap in terms of longevity has scared me a bit :slight_smile:

Here in Europe there are lots of them in Supermarkets since august.

I was responding to a question concerning CDRs, not DVDRs. :slight_smile: - I was just thinking that as all the Ritek CDRs I used (even the cheapest ones) worked great, the Ridatas should be fine.

I don’t think you should worry too much about your +R Riteks lifespan. The fast degradation has been reported about the -R discs manufactured after summer 2004 (very loosy approximation).

Ritek CD-Rs are excellent.

I can recommend the Maxell CD-Rs without a second thought.

So I should worry more about the -R ? I think I worry because whether -R or +R dyes it’s done by the same company…:slight_smile:

Here in Australia, HMV sells Maxell “Master Quality” CD-Rs in 25-pack cake boxes for AUD 9.99. Made by Ritek. Very low C1 (and no C2) error count on my friend’s NEC 3520-A.

Highly recommended.


I have both TDK and Verbatim CD-R media with the Ritek 97m15s17 mid codes and have had nothing but success in burning them - and have not had one coaster from either batch-


If you want true master quality CD Audio look for the Maxell CD-R Pro, those are genuine Tayo Yuden and are of excellent quality, lowest error rate you can get.

I have nothing against RITEK, they do give good results, but if you plan on keeping something long term and want peace of mind for something to last many many years, I’d go for the TYs.

No problems with Ritek CD-Rs here. It’s hard to find a bad CD-R these days. Even the CMC stuff burns well enough for most applications.



The Ritek 48x and 52x works good in my MSI CR 52A2-writer :slight_smile: