Maxell CD-R 80XL-S ( 48x )

I’m planning to buy huge amount of this media, but I have a question first.

ATIP: 97m 24s 01f
Disc Manufacturer: Taiyo Yuden Company Ltd.
Reflective layer: Dye (Long strategy; e.g. Cyanine, Azo etc.)
Media type: CD-Recordable
Recording Speeds: min. unknown - max. unknown
nominal Capacity: 702.83MB (79m 59s 72f / LBA: 359847)

Why aren’t these CDr’s recommended
for PX-W4012TA ( the one that I have ) ?
but are recommended for PX-W4824TA

Does that mean these cdr’s are not very good with PX-W4012TA ?

very good question. i too have the PX-W4012TA and i havent found a media yet that give me the burn speed that it should have. i can burn the same file set (at 40x) on both my Plex and my Lite-on and it always takes about a minute and a half longer on the Plex. ive even used 40x rated media and it makes no difference.

ive also had some backups of UT2003 that wouldnt install that were made with the Plex and ive since given up on my Plex as my main burner. the lite-on however has yet to miss a beat, ive burnt numerous cd’s with it now (TY 24x, Maxell16x, Memorex24x media @48-52x) and havent had a bad disk yet.

oh yeah, have ya found a good deal on those cd’s? if so, where?

I guess that you are writting cd’s with RAW-DAO and this and only this plextor
is limited to 24x when using this method, but you can download plextools and disable power rec. After that you will be able to burn at 40x ( I often use such tactics ). This method has it’s problems too: you will never get a perfect curve in
cdspeed quality test with bunt cdr’s …

Don’t you think that we should bomb plextor with e-mails dedicated to RAW-DAO situation. They could really release a firmware that would let normally burn at 40x and RAW-DAO.
Should we organise a bombing somehow ?

Still, what do you think about this media ?

If you are so keen on a few seconds, then a LiteOn is a more suitable drive for you!

to alexnoe

a few seconds? we’re talking a minute and a half here, but more importantly the fact that the plex kicks out unusable disc’s at random and it’s not the media. the unusable UT2003 disc’s were burned on both TY 24x, and Memorex 24x @20x, the reason being to make sure the disc’s would be good. its not a nice thing when ya travel 100 miles, just to find ya have bad disc’s.

its not that the amount of time is a big thing, but i have a hang-up about things working the way they’re supposed to, and had it not been for the unusable disc’s i would have never went looking at other burners.


actually the bad disc’s from the plextor were burned from images using cd-mate. i made 4 sets of UT2003 disc’s, and two sets had disc’s that wouldn’t install due to unreadable files.

Originally posted by millenium
I’m planning to buy huge amount of this media.

Does that mean these cdr’s are not very good with PX-W4012TA ?

Still, what do you think about this media ?
Good idea.

No, it does not.

This media is just excellent, as it’s supposed to be. No errors, no problems when burning @40x.
Also one of my drives is PX-W4012TA .

[COLOR=indigo]Maxell CD-R 80XL-S = Taiyo Yuden [/COLOR]

I’m not so keen on a few seconds better burn speed, but I don’t like the fact that I have a 40x drive, but can normally writte
at " only " 24x.

P.S. Thanks for advice on buying media.

@cobra: Plextors can’t read twinsektors. If you tried to create discs using Twinpeak, they will never read properly in Plextors.
You could ask Plextor’s support department if they intend to change that situation :wink:

Generally, you should feel alarmed if any writer refuses to record properly to Taiyo Yuden discs.