Maxell Canada 4.75 Good Buy? & Good Quality?

Again another question, i have found a 20 pack of Maxell R+ which is what is supported by BenQ with my 162I external burner and my Toshiba notebook.
The price for Canada is very good and in store.

The Dvd Identifier indicates:

Disc and Book type: Dvd+R

Mfr: Richo Co. Ltd

Mfr; Richo Jpn

Is this a good disc as BenQ has said and I have used only Maxell R+in my burner and had always very good results.

I hope that someone will respond as soon as possible as I will go out and buy more if this is a real good quality Maxell R+ which is what my burner needs; the only other brand is Sony, TDK and Imation and they are very expensive up here.

I would really appreciate replies.

Thankyou :bow:

I don’t internet shop for discs and so I would appreciate it if members would advise on the quality of these Maxells, Cheers!!! ( I simply would like to save some $ if I can and have the product in my bag… :bigsmile: )
But if the experienced views from this forum advise otherwise I will not go out and buy more… again thankyou for your patience with my Noob queries!

you should be fine with thouse discs, i would buy i tub use cd speed to create a data disc, scan and transfer rate test it and if alls well buy about 3 months supply if possible

Where do I get this “cd speed test”? and will it prompt me through the steps that you have indicated,
I am a Noob to all of this.

Also this is a “Cd speed Test”…will it work with my dvd disc for test purposes.

Thankyou :iagree:


CD-DVD Speed is part of the Nero 6 suite-

If you don’t have Nero 6 - do a “google” and find a free download version-

You should be good to go on those Maxells btw - I would go ahead and purchase them for a good price-


Yes it ill work with DVD Just use the drop down option under run test to Create Data disc. Like bigmike7 said you are good to go.

Maxell has a very good rep. The Ricohjpn are very good, one of my favorites. In a recent poll, they had the highest consumer satifaction rating, higher than Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim, the only other 2 that I use. I’m done with Ritek, use to love’em, but quality is too inconsistant now. If you don’t have a Best Buy where you live (big sale on Verbatim and Fuji, if the Fuji say made in Japan, they are TYs), try, genuine Ty for $41 per 100. Can’t beat that with a stick. Ty is recognized as the best (see the cdfreaks poll).