Maxell - Branded for music recording. Gathering clues

A few days ago i entered some camera retailering shop and he had a box of 5 or 10 of these:
Maxell, for music recording.
If i remember correctly the writing speed was 16X.
The package was coloured with red and had, as far as i can recall, black writing on it.

Had anyone encountered this media before?
Can you supply me with some info regarding the media’s manufacturer and most importantly, the quality of this media?

Thanks in advance.

Well, i ended up buying the cdrs a few hours later to my post.
I shall return info soon…


Tested one CDR.

Here is some info:

The media was certified for 16X writing and Smart-Burn followed.

It is made in Taiwan.

Here is a photo of the package casing (sorry for the dark scan):

And the CDR itself:

I wrote an Audio cd (16X) in and scanned with Kprobe.

The media itself, by the way, was the most expensive i have ever bought. Approximately 2.1$ for one piece.

I have a similar case here :

Disc Type = CDR (B-)
Lead In = 97:25:22
Lead Out = 74:30:00
Nominal = 654.49MB (74m 30s 00f/LBA:335100)
Manufacturer = Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.
Cur. Speed = Wrt(16X),Rd(52X)

Hitachi Maxell

Mine is 80 minutes…

Originally posted by NOVA

Mine is 80 minutes…
Yeah, I kinda noticed that. :wink: